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EOS RP - HDMI Output Not Working


Hi --


I have an EOS RP that I bought a little over a year ago and to be honest I have been totally disappointed with this camera.


I had an issue with the batteries draining overnight when left in the camera. I sent the camera in for repair and the problem was fixed but only for a short period before it started happening again so now I take the battery out when I done using the camera.


The problem I have now is related to the HDMI output which isn't working reliably. I have tried multple cables and my external monitor usually indicates there is no input. I have also tested the cables with the camera and multiple monitors / TVs and tested the cables with other HDMI output sources and my collection of monitors and they all work when the camera is not the source.


Is there a setting I need to check / change? Or a firmware upgrade? I am very close to selling the camera and switching brands; in fact i might just sell the camera and my lenses and start fresh with a video camera setup because I primarily use the RP for video production.






Who Me Too'd this topic