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ImageCLASS Mf733Cdw puts black marks near right side (portrait) at regular spacing


ImageCLASS Mf733Cdw puts black marks near right side (portrait) at regular spacing.  The marks are short faint black lines, about 1/2 inch in length, spaced at regular intervals of about 2.125 inches.  There are two columns of marks (portrait perspective) and they are staggered by about 50% of the interval.

Maybe some roller defect places mark as it rolls around?  None of the cleaning steps built into printer help, compressed air didn't dislodge anything.  Not affected by type of paper or which paper tray is used.Canon MF733Cdw prints marks 04-24.jpg


Rising Star
Rising Star

If replacing the black toner cartridge doesn't resolve the problem (after all of the other steps already taken), the unit may need to be serviced. Consider contacting Canon Customer Support to have an agent troubleshoot further.


Thanks.  I replaced the (half full) black toner with a new one.  The marks are fewer and fainter, but not 100% gone.  We'll see if it gets better or worse with time.  I will also try running paper path cleaning paper through it and see if it helps.

Thank you for updating. 🙂

Sometimes I'll run the blank page 10 times in a row. Probably overkill, but if it helps to negate a dirty looking job, oh well. 🙂


 Here is a picture of the Adjust Image Quality menu on my 743. I think that the 733 has this option as well. 🙂