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ImageClass MF634cdw not recognizing new OEM toner


My K (black) toner was out so I replaced it with legit Canon 045H black toner cartridge. I am still getting the error about continuing to print quality not guaranteed. When I run a consumables status report, it says 0% level on black and the cartridge log report does not show the new toner, only the one I took out. I can't figure out how to get it to reset or recognize my new toner cartridge.


Rising Star
Rising Star

If you put the old toner cartridge back in and check the toner level again, does the printer show a different number?

If it does, swap the cartridges again and recheck.

If no change, unplug the machine (power cycle) and see if that helps.

If not, reach out to Customer Support. The machine might need to be serviced.

If the toner level reading does change, but the alarm persists the new cartridge might be defective. Still reach out to Support to see if they can get a new cartridge shipped under some sort of warranty. 🤔

Thanks! I ended up turning it off and then putting in the new cartridge. After startup, it recognized the cartridge and shows 100% black ink. 

Thank you for posting the resolution! Always happy to find out when a problem has been resolved. 🙂