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Rebel T6i External Mics Not Working




I've had my Rebel T6i for over 2 years now and have always used the same lapel mic when filming. I have never had

any problems with the mic or the sound quality until this past week when I went to record and the sound wasn't working at

all from the external mic (the built in mic doesn't have any problems working). 


I thought my lapel had simply bit the dust (it was a cheap mic), so I purchased a new external microphone (Takstar brand), only to find that it doesn't work either.


I have changed the menu items from auto to manual (and back again, because it didn't result in any changes), I have made sure the plugs are completely plugged in -- yet still get absolutely no sound (and yep -- rechecked to make sure all the external mic devices I was testing with were turned "on"). 



Any advice or help? 



Who Me Too'd this topic