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PIXMA iX6850 Borderless printing without losing data?



A Canon web page states:
"The borderless printing feature allows printing without any border by enlarging the data so that it extends slightly beyond the edge of the paper."

Is it not possible to print all data without loss of information?
That is, without this deliberate overscanning like "overscan" on an old tube TV.
So also graphics and texts, which are then laid edge to edge without any loss.

E.g. with a Canon Pixma IX 6800.



Thanks for joining the conversation, Tobias_Claren!

So that the Community can help you better, we need to know exactly which Canon printer model you're using from the PIXMA iX6800 series. That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

Thanks and have a great day!


I do not use such a printer.
It is a general question before getting a printer.
Currently, it seems that this problem is the same for all Canon borderless inkjet printers.
Possibly all borderless inkjet printers from all manufacturers.
I may be able to get a free "iX6800".

Judging by the blurry classifieds photo, it's an iX6850.
But I do not own this printer.
I might be able to pick it up.
But the question also applies to any other Canon printer, if there are no differences in this respect.

I want to print graphics and text borderless in order to place a series of papers held in document sleeves exactly next to each other.


If you want borderless prints, you have to accept a little cropping at the edges.


Borderless prints can absolutely be achieved without loss of data.

Canon Pixma iX6860, Mac, OS 13

Set your scale to 100%, Paper size A4 Borderless, Printer Options – Borderless Printing, pop up window for Amount of Extension, set the slider to the far left. Tested and successful.


It's simple geometry. If the print shape is not exactly proportional to the image shape, you can't avoid  some cropping. Example: a full frame image is 24 x 36mm, or 1:1.5 ratio. You'd have to to be printing an 8x12" or 8.5x12.75" to fit perfectly. So printing an 8x5x11" sheet would result in loss at the short ends.


Quite right! Or you hit the "Fit to Paper / Shrink to Fit" as usual. 👌

So to clarify, the solution I posted is based on "I have an A4/US full bleed page I want printed at 100% actual size on A4/US paper using Borderless Printing."

Without adjusting that "Amount of Extension" setting to the far left, the Pixma seems to enlarge the data to create/fake that full bleed, (scaled at a tad over 101% from my testing) even though it doesn't need to in my scenario where your page's "artwork" is already supplying that "full bleed" data.

Couldn't work out why my layouts were printing full bleed, with print settings at 100% scale, but still getting cropped for no good reason – but that elusive setting fixed all. 

I do note though – the setting doesn't seem to exist on my MacBook still hanging back in OS 12.6 Monterey. 

Cheers @normadel! 😃👍