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RF24-105 2.8 L IS USM Nightmare


I am a long time Canon user and just have a problem with the repair service. I (Pre) Ordered the RF24-105 F2.8 L lens from B&H in December of 2023, I received my lens in January of 2024. I am a working professional but by no means am I an equipment abuser. I had only used the 24-105 2.8 maybe a dozen+ times and it started making a strange noise when zooming and it would also stop focusing after the clicking sound. Here is where the nightmare began

I tried to use the online repair form which included uploading video showing what the lens was doing. I uploaded the proof of purchase, uploaded the video, chose a repair location to send the item to and then the website would not allow me to click "SUBMIT". The button was grayed out. I then called the customer support phone number which was not helpful at all. The only thing they were able to do was email me the manual repair form to fill out and send in. My only problem with this was that I knew that the lack of online support was going to slow the repair process down, because the service tech would more than likely not be able to duplicate the malfunction of the lens. They received the lens and with 48 hours they were emailing me to upload a video to show the malfunction. I uploaded the video and waited another 48 hours for any updates, and I received nothing from them at all. (The fact that I had to manually request the repair also meant that the website was not updating my repair status.) I then emailed the original customer support person and received no response for another 24 hours. So then, I called the phone number again and found out they were waiting for parts that were expected by 5/09/24. I was told that once the part was available, they would expedite the repair I would then see then lens shipped. Again, I have no way of checking on the status other than calling the phone number. So, I didn't receive any message yesterday that the lens was completed so I called again today and found out they still don't have the part to repair my lens. 

Here is where my problem lies, first off, when I originally called the support phone number, I was made to feel that if I had purchased the Canon 'CAREPAK' that the process would have been less of a hassle for me. Why should I have to pay extra for Canon to stand behind one of their 'professional' products? This lens was $3000 and I am basically being told that I should have purchased an extended warranty?   Also, this lens is less than 6 months old and by no fault of mine it has become a $3000 paperweight. Now that I am going into the 3rd week of not having this 'professional' series L lens and they cannot even guarantee when the part will be available. I personally believe I should have at least been offer a "Loaner" or even better why not just replace the lens with a new one or I would even accept a "Refurbished" one if the warranty would still be in effect until next year. I guess my real issue is that Canon seems to always send the YouTube Creators free versions of their products to use or to keep from what I know from creators that have a large number of followers, (Specifically a FRO Knowing YouTuber) and I, a customer that spent hard earned cash on their product has to continue to wait for a repair that they cannot even guarantee a completion date. 

To say the least, this repair situation has certainly made me question whether or not to continue to use Canon Products. I am currently an owner of several R Mount bodies and a bag full of EF mount and R mount 'L' lenses and I was planning on (Pre-Ordering) replacing my R5 with the R5 Mark ii version that is rumored to be coming out in the next few months. Maybe it is time to start looking at Sony or Fuji. 

I usually keep my complaints to myself to try to avoid being a Karen, but this has just not been a situation that I could bite my tongue over. I have been a Canon user since the 1990s and overall, I can say I have rarely had to use the repair service and this situation has certainly made me glad I hadn't dealt with them much before. 



"Maybe it is time to start looking at Sony or Fuji."

I do not understand why so many people make this type of threat.. Go for it, I say.  Do whatever you think it best for your needs.  This forum is a social media platform.  It is neither Canon Sales or Canon Support.  You need to contact them directly with your issue.

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We understand your frustration, and I'm sorry.  As you pointed out, you've had many, many good years and positive experiences with Canon.  Probably a good indicator of their quality and reliability.  Should you switch, I wouldn't.

I'm not a pro, just an enthusiast.  Your issue is unfortunate.  A repair that cannot be performed due to parts availability.  Thats a hard one to swallow for sure.  However, if you are a pro, you should still have 3 things.  A back up solution, a CarePak and a CPS Membership.  

If you earn a living taking pictures, there has to be a second camera, second lens, etc.

CarePaks are a given.  Its doesn't matter what happened, fault, no fault, etc.  Your gear failed and you are down.  Having a CarePak might not have "saved" you in this case, but its a business expense.  Something that one incurs when they decide to be a photographer.  

Loaners are available.  If you were a CPS member, you'd have one.  


Forget the CarePak, how are you a professional and not a CPS member?  Its $100 a year for GOLD and $300 for Platinum.  Yes, you had some bad luck, (really sorry for that). but you've also made some decisions that could have been made differently.   These services are available to enhance and protect your livelihood.  Turn this into a positive experience.  

I am truly sorry for your bad luck.  We never like to hear about these types of experiences but make whatever changes to your business that are necessary to help ensure you come out ahead if something like this ever happens again.  I hope the parts come in quickly for you.   

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"Maybe it is time to start looking at Sony or Fuji.🤔

With the thought Sony and Fuji has better service. If you think so have a bridge down in Arizona that I like to sell you! However only one way to find out.


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 If you think so have a bridge down in Arizona that I like to sell you! However only one way to find out.

WOW What a useless comment. Thanks 

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"WOW What a useless comment. Thanks "

The useless "comment" is thinking switching brands will solve all your repair problems. But its your choice.

You know being a long time forum user myself, it seems this threat is pretty common when issues arise with Canon USA but we have no idea how many are successful doing it. I suspect none.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Oh the douchebaggery… I am disappointed, I expected better from someone with the Canon Forum Title of ‘Legend’ and from an Alum of such a quality institution of higher learning as The University of Kansas. The hallowed halls that set upon Mount Oread must be so proud. 

Nevertheless my disappointment was brought upon by my own stupidity by breaking at least the first 3 rules of internet usage. 


Rule #1 Never Post on an online forum

Rule #2 If you don’t like trolls refer to Rule #1

Rule #3 If you are disappointed by the lack of intelligent responses that you have received, again refer to Rule #1


Hi, BRTSQDPhoto, 

What we're not going to do is call each other names.

Familiarize yourself with the GUIDELINES, as this is your one and only warning. 


Aye Aye Captain 

you won’t have to moderate anymore of my posts. I have been shamed by the league of legends 

" I expected better from someone with the Canon Forum Title of ‘Legend’ ..."

Well what can I say but the title "Legend" has only to do with old age. 😊

"... an Alum of such a quality institution of higher learning as The University of Kansas. The hallowed halls that set upon Mount Oread must be so proud."

 Let me frankly ask you, do you truly think switching brands is the answer and no more service problems? Honestly, or is it just a frustration thing?

BTW, are you a Jayhawk, too?


EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

No I have too much money invested in bodies and lenses anyway! I was under the assumption that maybe some actual canon people moderated this forum and I might get lucky that it would put a fire under the repair team. You know what they say about assumptions. I was hoping that being the squeaky wheel might get some grease. 

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