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Pro 1000 Driver Mysteries


Well, I just got off the phone with support.  The response to all my questions was, "We'll have to ask engineering".  So, maybe some one in the community can answer these questions or has experience with past Canon printers (the driver looks the same for all their printers).  For this discussion, I will stick with the XPS driver.


First, under the main tab, we have media type and advanced settings.  Within advanced under calibration we can select 1) printer default; 2) use value and 3) disregard value.  Would appreciate an explanation of when to use these.  Have to say, I was under the assumption that color calibrating a canon paper attached the calibration value to the profile but, I'm probably wrong.  And, the rep could not definitly confirm what "use value" was and what the difference between default and disregard was.


Second, under the main tab is manual color/intensity.  Clicking the set button gives you three tabs.  At issue here is the matching tab.  Selecting none for color correct is the simplest.  I understand it defeats the driver and allows software correction.  I've used this with Lightroom / Photoshop and I get excellent results.  However, Canon's software, in particular, My Image Garden is not well documented and I've not sure what to use here.   I've assumed I should use ICC Profile matching so that I could select the calibrated Canon Paper.  However, the odd thing about this is that the Input Profile only allows you to use "standard".  I did read a manual for a Pixma that said there was a choice between Adobe and standard but, I've never seen this driver list Adobe.  The manual states that if the software can't identify or specify an ICC profile, the printer prints as sRBG.  So does this mean I'm destined to sRBG with My Image Garden?  Alternately, under the advanced section of My Image Garden's print interface is, Advanced - Enable Auto fix - Prioritize Exif Info.  So is this the road to color space Nirvana?  However, the general rule is to shut off the driver to use software correction so, then you can't select a paper profile.


And one last question.  Does My Image Garden print 16 bit?  It allows you to select XPS but, what's that prove.



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