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EOS Rebel T7 and T5: Batteries not charging


I have a Canon Rebel T7 and a T5, along with two chargers and several batteries. One battery and charger that came with the T7 is less than one year old. Both chargers and all thew batteries have worked well until today when everything went belly up at the same time. None of the batteries evidently are keeping a charge. The camera power light blinks red for about 2 seconds, then goes dark every single time I insert a battery. When you look through the T7 eyepiece, it says "busy. " The T5 just has the standard numbers at the bottom of the visual in the eyepiece. Turning the camera off and on does not help, and neither does leaving the camera on. The battery chargers are all showing a complete charge, but I can't even get the battery icon to show up on the camera. Has anyone else had these problems?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings trekkerfinch,

We recommend using an official Canon battery pack in case you are using a third-party battery. Please check for debris inside the battery compartment where the pins are located and check for debris on the metal contacts on the battery pack. You may use a dry microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe the contacts.

With each camera, please switch the camera to the 'Off' position and remove the lens and the memory card from the camera. Make sure there are no other accessories attached to the camera body. Turn on the camera body only to see if it powers on and stays powered on to where we can view the information through the viewfinder as well as the rear LCD display and navigate through the camera's menu. If this works, then let's turn off the camera and insert the memory card only. Turn the camera back on to see if we're able to view the information on the display and navigate through the menu system. In case it doesn't work, then it may be an issue with the memory card causing the camera to not operate correctly and we would suggest testing a different memory card.

I recommend on following the steps above with the lens as well when mounted and removed from the camera. If possible, try resetting both of the cameras.

In case the issues persist, then the next step is to suggest on sending the EOS Rebel T7 to our facility for repair. Unfortunately, the EOS Rebel T5 has reached the end of its service life and repairs are no longer performed on this unit.