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First attempt at using telescope for lunar photography

Without sports to shoot, I have been delving into other areas of photography.  The weather was finally nice during the evening and I used my 1DX III with a T adapter and my Celestron CPC 1100 Edge HD telescope (11" SCT type).  It looks like something...

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Astonishing: 40D Af tops 77D AF

  Not the greatest image because the background is disturbing. Shot with the old 40D. We met the heron at a water castle and the only tele lens we had in the bag that day was the 55-250mm kit lens, the newer version, not availabe as the 40D was produ...


Portrait with a Canon D60

Yes, that is the right way round... it's not the 60D.   I had purchased a Canon EOS D30 as a historical artifact and found that it took excellent images.   So when a D60 came available I decided to lash out and purchase a unit in excellent condition ...

Hunter untouched.jpg Hunter 003.jpg

High speed shutter fun

This is the only time I used the 1/8000 maximum shutter speed of the 1DX III.  The first three images are of a water balloon shot by a 22 rifle and the second set of four are of German Shepherd Cheyenne who has loved to attack streams of water since ...

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Lock-Down Images

If, like me, you are constrained to your home and the immediate environs, then you are probably trying to find inspiration for some shots. My daughter found this little character hiding under some of our garden chairs. It's the New Zealand Weta, whic...

Weta 003.jpg Weta 002.jpg Weta 001a.jpg

Fun portrait photos

Because of the pandemic the school asked parents to provide head shots of their students wearing their sports jerseys so that the school can create composite team photos.  I set things up to take some serious photos of my daughter in her soccer jerse...

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Canon EF 400 F2.8 with Canon 2X

I am generally not a fan of using teleconverters with a lens and especially not the 2X but the EF 400 F2.8 design is so good that it does pretty well with the 2X.  Not something I plan to use often but I am glad it is a possibility if the need arises...

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Sunrise and Sunsets.

This is a sunrise, actually 3 minutes before the sunrise.  EOS 6D, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM16mm1/4000f/2.8ISO 100  This is an HDR image made from five shots.  Here is the actual moment of first light, captured three minutes later in a sequence of 5 H...