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Favorite part of photography? Out west collection.

Photography truly has the power to capture and preserve the essence of culture, allowing others to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation. By peering through the lens, you can uncover hidden stories, traditions and unique aspects that might oth...

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Find your Muse...

As an artist I think it is important to find your muse. The person/place/or thing that the images just sing with ever click you make without trying so hard. This is Bethyie. She is my muse.We set up a shoot and she came over to my studio (we had no h...

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Infrared B+W

Iconic California Oak Tree photographed in the Sherwood Valley, Mendocino County, Northern California.  It was photographed with a Canon EOS 7D converted to infrared. The lens was a Canon EF-S10-22mm at 21 mm. My camera settings were AV mode, ISO 400...