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Luna Park

EOS 6D, EF 17-40L, tripod Amusement parks are wonderful places to exercice long exposure. An ND filtre would have been appropriate. Left at home ! 17mm - f/20 - ISO 50 - 4s   26mm - f/20 - ISO 50 - 3.2s   23mm - f/11 - ISO 100 - 1s  

IMG_0116-2.jpg IMG_0106-1.jpg IMG_0025-1.jpg
Paul836 by Contributor
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Find your Muse...

As an artist I think it is important to find your muse. The person/place/or thing that the images just sing with ever click you make without trying so hard. This is Bethyie. She is my muse.We set up a shoot and she came over to my studio (we had no h...

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