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Brasstown Bald, Georgia

This is the highest mountain in Georgia at 4,784 ft. Due to the altitude and snowfall, it is closed from about November 1st to early spring. One can see four states on a clear day. One of our favorite places to visit. It's a long and steep walk to th...

IMG_8911 (2).JPG

Friday night lights

From last Friday night show using 1DX II and 1DX III bodies with EF 24-70, 70-200, and 400 f2.8 glass.  Exposure info in photo captions.  The final image was caught in between snaps, I liked the setting of the rehydrating player and it shows the leve...

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wq9nsc by Authority
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The Queen is Dead...

While the late queen was catapulted into that role after I was born, I have known only her as the head of the United Kingdom (where I was born) and what was then the Empire, now the Commonwealth.I was far more effected by her passing than I expected....

Britomart Centre Entrance LR  02.jpg

Dragons and Damsels - Odonata

Back in 2014 I started documenting Dragonflies and Damselflies that were native to my area. To find most of these, knowing what habitat they frequented and flight times were key. They like mosquitos and, for the most part, marshy swampy areas or lake...

Atlantic Bluet-1Sa.jpg Brown Dancer-1a.JPG Blue Dasher FEM-001a.JPG Eastern Amberwing Pair-1Sa.jpg

Short Film Using Canon Cameras

Hi everyone,This past spring I created a short film narrative called "LAPSE" of two different era photographers. A very emotional piece. In the film one of the characters uses a vintage canon film camera and the other uses a Canon digital. Watch the ...

For the ancients/arthritic/or just not steady

Just totally blown away by what my old SX50 HS was able to do for me at 1/10 @ 1200mm. Image is resized but still shows the clarity from a shot where the owl was in the cover of tree in early evening.

PJW by Apprentice
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Fun with Zoomed Images

My local camera group has a weekly get-together with a specific theme each time. This time was zooming while taking the shot. The slow shutter speeds pretty well demands some kind of support: either a tripod or monopod, to keep one element sharp.Duri...

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Almost a pick

This would have been a nice interception, the official wasn't in position to catch the facemask jerk as the defender was securing the ball.  Shot with Canon 1DX III and EF 400 f2.8 @ f2.8, 1/1000, ISO 8000 to 25,600 for this series under "interesting...

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wq9nsc by Authority
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