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My New Motorcycle

Hey, I bought a new motorcycle.  Shot with Ambient light.EOD 6D + EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM ; 13 sec, f/13, ISO 100  I didn't know that it had legs.  Suddenly, some guy in a grey suit stole it from me.  This last is a ten shot focus stack in PS.  Same e...

EOS 6D2020_08_121003929.jpg EOS 6D2020_08_121003933.jpg EOS 6D2020_08_131003943-Edit-2.jpg

First Post! Bison in Wyoming

First time poster, but user of Canon for the last few years. I recently went on a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming - which is BEYOND beautiful - and got lucky enough to capture these bison against the Grand Teton mountain range. Shortly after taking thi...


FD lens

So you want to try your old FD lenses?  Fine but remember it is totally manual. Yes, we actually had to set everything and focus too.  How did we ever get a shot?  Yes the hummingbirds all are cropped, the last one 100%. Yes hand held. Yes a tough ta...

B52D1174-Edit.jpg B52D1178-Edit.jpg B52D1184-Edit.jpg B52D1188-Edit.jpg
ebiggs1 by Legend
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Canon 5D IV RAW to Apple IIe image

I have an Apple IIe emulator for my Mac and wanted to start with an image I captured, scale it, convert to black & white and somehow end up with that image saved to a disk (emulator saves files representing 5 1/4" floppies). I wasn't able to figure o...

parade.jpg ios_app.jpg applesoft.jpg apple_image.jpg
rs-eos by Elite
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Introducing the Indigo Bunting..

 I had to share this one with you. There is a park near where I live in Ohio and every year these birds breed there. I use my 75-300mm with a vivitar 2X to make a good 600mm shot. I had taken the shot and sharpend it a little in Corel After Shot Pro....

scapilot by Contributor
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Closeups using EF 100-400mm L II

I shoot mainly birds, but often get the opportunity to shoot butterflies and other small insects and flowers. The close focusing of the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM II allows me to get some very nice cloeups. When shooting close in, I like to use ...

White Peacock Butterfly Green Anole FierySkipper-00002a.JPG Green Bottle Fly

Lens and tele-extenders

While using the telescope last week I thought it would be interesting to also see how a Canon long lens performed for lunar photography with and without extenders.  I believe the focus is dead on with these, for the EF 800 combo I used AF where possi...

EF 800 bare.JPG EF 800 plus 1.4X.JPG EF 800 plus 2X.JPG EF 800 plus stacked converters.JPG
wq9nsc by Authority
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First attempt at using telescope for lunar photography

Without sports to shoot, I have been delving into other areas of photography.  The weather was finally nice during the evening and I used my 1DX III with a T adapter and my Celestron CPC 1100 Edge HD telescope (11" SCT type).  It looks like something...

AS0I4946.JPG AS0I4940.JPG AS0I4941.JPG
wq9nsc by Authority
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