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Scanner LiDE 400 - stripes defect


2 hours ago I unboxed a brand new Canon LIDE 400.

I started to test it, but I see stripes on the left side for every scan. See following pictures:


1) ScanGear preview - white paper as background




2) Result of the scan, white bright paper as a background + postcard - there are visible stripes over the postcard as well




Is it repairable, is it a defective piece? Should I ask for a replacement? What's the cause?


Thank you.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Vity,


Because your scanner appears to require service, please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:



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I don't think it's regarding service, mine is new and it's doing the same.


I have exactly the same problem, it seems is a defective product. I hope they give me a new one. imagen2.jpeg


@almatri I got a replacement. The first one was terrible as showed on my photos. The second one output is similar to yours.

Canon is just selling a piece of crap. I don't plan to buy anything from this company in the future.


I fixed this stripes for my LIDE 400 and you can too (if you don't care about the warranty and you have experience in disassembling/assembling hardware).

The main reason is dust specs on white calibration strip. A strip is located under the glass above the parking position of scanning head. You need to carefully open the scaner and gently pull up from the glass a plastic piece with white calibration strip on it. It is slightly glued to the glass. Use wet alcohol wipes and gently clean white strip and glass from big dust and dirt particles. But don't overdo it: you don't want to wipe glue from that strip, glue somewhat protects it from dust. Assemble everything and you done.