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Canon LiDE 400 - Can Not Scan at 4800dpi


Hi there, 

I recently bought the Canon LiDE 400 scanner as the resolution goes up to 4800. I need the maximum resolution as I want to blow up some antique hand painted artworks which are tiny. I have tried downloading the IJ scan utility software and changing the settings in drivers to allow large image scanning (found this in a previous post) but the resolution is still fixed at 600dpi. I am on a macbook pro. Is there another way and why can i not scan at the full resolution? 



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi izzy891,

Please follow these steps:

1.  Open the IJ Scan Utility Lite.

2.  Click the Settings button in the lower right corner.

3.  Click Driver in the menu on the left side.

4.  At the top of the right side, please select Custom in the Output resolution box and enter the desired DPI.




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Hi Patrick,

    The Custom option for Output Resolution doesn't appear in the Windows Software. Is it located elsewhere or just not available on Windows?


I have just bought my LIDE 400. The max dpi I can select is 600. There is no "Driver" option on the left of the settings page. How do I scan at 4000 dpi.


What version of Windows or MacOS are you running? 

We look forward to your reply. 

Windows 10.

I think I have since discovered the following after a phone discussion and trial and error.

1. Selecting "Settings" on the IJ Scan Utility first screen does not allow me to select greater resolution than 600 dpi for a photo, however small.

Selecting "Scangear" on the first screen allows me to enter (not select) 1200, 2400 etc into the resolution, but when scanning I am then limited by the memory required - i.e. the product of image size and the resolution - in the example I was using - a print approx 2" x 3" - to 1200dpi, getting an error message when using a higher resolution.

This limitation may be due to a limit in the software or the available memory on my laptop.

Is the above correct? If so, would having more memory on my laptop help? I did close all other apps and restart my laptop before trying.




The same here, how to do that with windows?



Please click HERE to open the page you will need to open the scan gear and driver settings to change the output. The page that opens will have a link to how to open scan gear and scan gear (driver settings). Check the advanced mode tab on the ScanGear (Scanner Driver) Screens page. 

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Your link doesn't actually work now. I just purchased a CanoScan LiDE 400 so that I could scan at 4800dpi on my Windows 10 computer. I was using PhotoShop but the windows TWAIN drivers don't go over 600dpi anymore. On Windows XP 32bit systems I could scan at 4800dpi no problem, now on the Windows 64bit systems it's like pulling teeth! So far, my two old CanoScan 8600F and the 8800F scan things better at 600dpi. At least with those scanners I can adjust the brightness and contrast myself, and there is a better depth of focus. On this 400 scanner if the image is 2-3mm above the surface of the glass, it's blurry, no a problem for my old scanners. No options for brightness or contrast with the IJ Scan Utility, and there is no lite version for Windows that I can change up the dpi setting. This 400 might be smaller, lighter, and faster, but it's been dumbed down for college students and is useless for graphic artists using Windows 10. I'll be returning this new scanner to Amazon if you guys can't give me a straight answer how to scan a full 8.5x11 sheet at 4800dpi on windows. I've got the memory for it, and if I scan it into PhotoShop CS6 I can save in a large format file type. 

The link works just fine for us. You may need to try a different browser or device. 

If you need immediate help, please get in touch with support directly. You'll need to register your scanner at Then, once you have, our system will be able to verify your support entitlements when you call our team at 800-652-2666, Monday through Friday. 

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