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Canoscan LiDE 400 Saves Every Scan as a PDF


Just bought the Canoscan LiDE400 and I do understand about changing settings but no matter what I do, it saves everything as a PDF which I dont want or need.  This happens regardless of whether I use AUTO or any of the other buttons.  I also have an issue with it saving it to the right folder as well.  Not sure what is going on.  Any suggestions or ideas.?



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I have the same problem to. Wont scan to image only PDF even when deselected. Cannot change the button functions in the software. Don't tell me to go to the help section either. Been there, done that, loads of people appear to have this problem. This is BS. Taking it back. Garbage. Just needed a simple scanner to press a button and save images of receipts into a folder. 2023 and still alludes probably the number 1 business functionality that a scanner can provide. 


I also have a similar problem with scanner Lide 400. I recently got this device and it is becoming a problem when scanning a high number of images that I don't want to be PDF.

The AutoScan button only saves documents as PDF, I want to be able to choose between JPG, TIFF, PNG...

At the IJ Scan Utility configuration for the Auto Scan button options there is Save Settings/Data Format, but only displays "Auto" and not any other format available. What to do?

Please guide me in how to solve it. Thank you in advance.


I have a workaround for this, change the settings in "Send" so it scans an image. Seems to be working. Ridiculously annoying though that you can't change the settings in simply AUTOSCAN. I hate this s**t. Should have bought the epson of fuji. It's basic crap like this that ensures I'll never buy another canon product. They literally are a tech company, and can't write basic software effectively. Even the utility is garbage from a functional standpoint. Unreal. 


There is a workaround by using the "send" button. Its rediculous you need a workaround for such a basic function. The dropdown box in autoscan settings is literally only "Auto." Not pdf / jpg etc. Terrible.


Just bought the Canoscan LiDE400 to scan wedding pictures. I was using the AutoScan button on the front of the scanner for efficiently since I have hundreds of pictures to scan. It was working great until about 50-60 pictures into the project and suddenly it now wants to scan every picture to .PDF format with no way to change it!

I've spent the past 2 hours going through every setting in the software, uninstalling, downloading and re-installing the software multiple times with no luck in correcting this problem.

Thankfully someone posted a workaround but this is unacceptable Canon! The scanner is great but the software sucks!

(Running on Dell Inspiron 17, Windows 11 Pro, Intel i7, 16Gb Ram, 2TB SSD)

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