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Zombie Pro 100, there but not there

I learned from Canon that the Pixma Pro 100 can vanish from the network on OS X if something goes wrong in printing. This would be for an ethernet connected printer (that is how mine is hooked up) but, may also impact Wi-Fi as well.I was printing a f...

Sensel by Contributor
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PRO-1 cleanup cycle on power on?

Hi,Does the PRO-1 goes throught a clean up cycle every time it is turned on?When I turn it on, I can always hear it doing this internal noise for like a minute. If so, being this a lot of ink being used, would it be better to leave it always on? Than...

tmorell by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Transparency with Canon Pixma Pro-100

Hi Y'all,Im using a pixma pro 100 to print on transparencies(inkpress media transparency film   13x19 thickness 7 mil). Before i used transparency i was able print fine on cardboard stock and i had tried to print on transparency film and it would a j...

jlarose by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIxma Pro-100s + Premium Matte paper

Apologies if this question has a blindingly obvious answer, but as a new user of the Pixma Pro-100s, I am struggling to find out how to select the Photo Paperf Pro Premium Matte paper in the printer driver. I'm using Lightroom on Mac OSX Sierra 10.12...

rsr by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Pro 9000 Mark II not printing green

For some reason, my Pro 9000 Mark II is not printing green from my computer. I have tried cleaning the printheads, and the test page prints out well. The green on the test page looks fine. However, my file prints the greens as blue. I am printing fro...

RScott by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Pro 100 Gray Tones

Hey guys, Just picked up a Pro 100 printer for use in our office and am having trouble getting the color management down. Was hoping someone here may be able to give me the low down on what may be happening. We are trying to print an ad from a PDF we...

Kuat Ad.jpg

Pixma Pro-1 ink usage

Are there any settings that would decrease the ink usage on the Pixma Pro-1?I print about once a week, and every time that I turn the printer on, it goes thru some sort of ink charging. Right now almost all of my ink is low, and I have not really pri...

color printing white

My Pro 100 doesn't want to print parts of color photos that are white. What should be purte white is pinkish. Checked and replaced inks. No difference. Thanks for any help.

iPF785 cutting off prints

Okay, we are having an issue with our new iPF785 plotter that is seriously driving me nuts. Basically, we are trying to print 1:1 scale prints on ANSI C, D & E paper (via the 36" roll) from AutoCAD and while it looks fine in the print preview, for so...

Resolved! Ink On Rollers

I searched the forum but didn't see this issue discussed.  I accidentally put an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper in backwards and printed.  It's bad enough I wasted all that ink but the next couple of prints have what appear to be roller marks on the back si...

Ken_k by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies
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