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Update Firmware for Panorama Prints on imagePROGRAF-PRO1000

Occasional Contributor

I know the imagePROGRAF-PRO1000 does not come equiped with a rolling mechanism for roll paper.  And I know that printer doesn't support prints larger than 17"x25?".  However, it would be great if Canon updates the firmware for the imagePROGRAF-PRO1000 to support panoramas.  I can cut the paper to the desired size.  I just need to print a panorama size of my choice.


This is a very good printer, but it needs to be able to print panoramas.  Please update the firmware to support panorama printing.


New Contributor

I feed it through the rear feeder for thicker papers, and the top feeder for thinner.  The easiest way to keep the paper from bending is to unfold it and lightly hold it from the top when it starts feeding.  Once the printer grabs it and starts advancing, you're pretty much good to go, although I usually like to see it 1/4 of the way into the printer before letting go.