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Update Firmware for Panorama Prints on imagePROGRAF-PRO1000


I know the imagePROGRAF-PRO1000 does not come equiped with a rolling mechanism for roll paper.  And I know that printer doesn't support prints larger than 17"x25?".  However, it would be great if Canon updates the firmware for the imagePROGRAF-PRO1000 to support panoramas.  I can cut the paper to the desired size.  I just need to print a panorama size of my choice.


This is a very good printer, but it needs to be able to print panoramas.  Please update the firmware to support panorama printing.



It does now - up to 1200mm length.

Get firmware 3.010 as well as driver update from Canon US website.


Hi Owlan,


Thanks for the response regarding the firmware/driver for panos.

Do you know if there will be another firmware/drive update that will give the user the ability to set custom sizes beyond 1200mm.  I have a few panos that go beyond 1200mm (47 inches).


Thanks again.



Hi Phildeman,


I actually emailed Canon today on this very thing. If I hear from them I'll write back on this forum. I'm guessing that as they've only just updated the firmware to 1200mm they won't extend this again just now. But who knows? Every now & then check Canon's website & if you spot anything post back here too.


I only realised there was a firmware update when my printer alerted me to download. Make sure your printer can successfully transmit to Canon. There's a setting where you can make a test transmission from the printer menu. That is if you're on WiFi.


Best regards!

Hi Owlan,


The Canon web site only goes up to firmware 2.5 and the driver is


Where did you find the firmware version 3.010?  This is the site I found the firmware and driver:



##### EDITED #######

Nevermind, I found it.


Thanks again.

No prob. The website is strangely obscure when it comes to downloading. On top of that, it also shows a version that looks wrong (v2.5) when in fact it's offering a higher one! You have to click on every link before it's clear there's an actual update... In this case, you also have to update the printer drivers to get the full benefit. Then you can create a custom print size.


I'm assuming you're on a Mac? As those drivers are for Macs. There's probably an equivalent one for Windows. You need to make sure you also click on your correct OS in the options provided (where it states what OS the site has detected).


Just restating some of this for the benefit of anyone else who may be reading as Canon's site can be confusing.


Enjoy the upgrade!

It gets confusing sometimes, but it is Version 2.5 of the firmware updater, which will update the firmare to version 3.010.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Then it would seem the Red River 13x38 pano paper should work. Correct?

It should.

Red River 13x38 paper works fine with the updated firmware and driver.  The images look stunning!!!