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MacPro (2019). MacOS Big Sur 11.6. Printer firmware up to date. Most recent Canon CUPS driver and most recent version of PrintStudio Pro. Latest versions of all Adobe CC apps.Unable to print through Print Studio Pro from most recent version of Photos...
Any compatibility issues with printer driver or print studio pro from lightroom or ps?
There are several threads about MacOS Catalina. About to go in debt or new MacPro and would really appreciate clarification on what works and what does not. Also work aroundsThank you to all of the support from board participants and from Canon repsN...
Is it really necessary to install am1x files for various papers? Wouldn’t simply installing and selecting the appropriate icc profile accomplish the same thing?
Any opinions on Canson vs Hahnemuhle vs Redriver art papers? I realize each has many paper varities but just looking for general observations about each line
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