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Cannot Install Pro-1000 Driver (Windows 10)


I'm on Windows 10 19042.985


Recently purchased and set up a Pro-1000. I was able to connect to the Wi-Fi network through the printer itself, and Windows can find my printer. I can also find the printer when I go through the setup wizard.


Problem is I can't install either the complete driver/software package (win-pro_1000-1_1-n_jucd.exe) or the driver (p68n-win-pro_1000-1_10-ea22_5.exe).


The software/driver package fails saying something along the lines of "Installation failed. IJ Driver could not be installed."

The driver install fails saying "An error occurred while files were being copied. : 0001 0002"


Things I have tried:

Restarting the computer

Running the installer(s) as administrator

Removing the Pro-1000 from the list of printers in control panel (Windows seems to have auto-added it)

Disabling Webroot (anti-virus/firewall)


Not sure what else to try. The printer is in a location where I can't connect via USB.




I may have found a solution.


It is possible to restart Windows with driver signature enforcement disabled. Doing so appears to allow the drivers to install.


1) Click Start > Power

2) While holding the Shift key, click restart

3) Select "Troubleshoot"
4) Select "Advanced Options"
5) Select "Startup Settings"

6) Select "Restart"

7) When your computer restarts, select the option that corresponds to "Disable driver signature enforcement"


You should now be able to install the drivers. You'll get a warning message that Windows could not verify the driver signature, and will have to click install anyway.


This appears to work, for now. I'm in a bit of a conundrum because now I have this Canon printer but now hate Canon with a fiery passion. I believe there may be some issues with their driver signatures that cause installation errors on some Windows configurations.

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Thank you Epos7! 

It works for me! I actually have MB2720 with the same problem. If I use the first time setup program, it will end up with installation failure. 

Epos7's method did solve my problem! I called Canon services and they  couldnt even help. I was almost desperate... Thank you Epos7! 


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