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Best Settings for Canon Pro-1000?


Just unboxed a new Pro-1000 and now in the process of setting up.

I have read posts and reviews about the Pro-1000 using a lot of ink due to the auto-maintenance routines it runs. Some settings are user adjustable, but then there is the risk of nozzle clogging if not routinely cleaned.

Anyone have experience with running a Pro-1000 w. settings to conserve ink, yet w/o being plagued w. ink clogs? Any suggestions for "best practices"? Thanks.




All inkjets are suceptible to the print heads becoming clogged due to lack of use.  If used regulary (once a month) or more, this will not be an issue.  Another thing that helps is using manufacturers ink, instead of 3rd party.  You can achieve good results with 3rd pary ink, but printing is most consistent when you use OEM inks and paper.  The Pro-1000 is not a hobbyist grade printer.  "Pay to Play" applies here.  If you can afford the printer, you should use Canon inks.


Be sure to lkeep a spare MC-20 Maintenance Cartridge on hand.

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Thanks, but what I'm really asking is how to best utilize Canon's maintenance routines and settings relative to:

1. My workflow

2. To economize ink usage

3. To prevent nozzle clogs


I use OEM inks and I'm still running tests on what paper works best for me, OEM or a third party paper w. a custom made ICC profile.


I'm a photographic artist, editing one piece for a week or so and occasionally needing to run small (8x10) proofs of versions. Then I run a set of promotional cards (6-12); a porffolio 11x17; and one gallery enlargement (11x17 to 17x20) about once a month. So, what are the best settings for that workflow?


For instance:

1. Is it best to make one print at a time, as needed, or to wait and run a batch of prints at the end of the week? Are certain cleaning routines run per print or per printing session?

2. Is it best to set "Auto Power" ON or OFF; and if ON, is 240 minutes OK?

3. Is it best to set "Ink Maintenance (tank installed)" to ON, that apparently shakes the ink tanks on a regular basis? Does this process use ink? And what does "(tank installed)" mean? Ink tank, maintenance tank?

4. Is it best to Enable/Disable "Auto Nozzle Check"? If set ON, how often is a nozzle check done?

5. What is "Nozzle Check Error Display"? Displayed how and where?

6. What is the best frequency for "System Cleaning Frequency"? The manual describes this as "To maintain print quality, we recommend you select 'Short' if you use the printer at a higher place." I'm at an elevation of 6500' so is this considered high?


The Canon User Manual is woefully short and concise, maybe to reduce legal liabilities and promote ink usage. It largely lacks the details a user needs to make informed choices concerning the best settings for their workflow. I was hoping to find someone with experience running a Pro-1000 in a commercial environment. Anyone? Thanks. Rich




Hello Rich:


I like intelligent people with a knack for details.  I'm not sure Canon does.  I wish I could answer your questions point by point but, I need to hit the manual for review.  As to clogged nozzles, I wish I printed as often as you do.  I recently pulled my usual bad habit and didn't print for several months (and the printer was in standby).  Upon using, a nozzle check was perfect.  However, that's not proof of no clogged nozzles and this is for a 9 month old printer.  If I was printing once a week, I might consider turning off auto agitiation.  There is one thing I can answer definitly.  6500 feet is high altitude.

Look up jtoolman on YouTube. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thanks John. Good advice. I have been following Jose for several months on YouTube. Unfortunately (for me), Jose is not really a production oriented "commercial" user of the PRO-1000. He is primarily a tester/reviewer/evaluator/teacher -- and a very good one.


I have contributed comments to a couple of his videos, offering info I have learned about the PRO-1000. Like people thinking that you can not move the printer once it is initially set up unless you purge all the ink out of the system. Not so. As long as you keep the printer horizontal, you can move it w/o purging the ink system. Thanks.

Hey Rich- just un-boxed my pro-1000, with a similar work flow volume and timing to yours, and lots of the same questions. I am also questioning whether the printer needs to be on at all between weekly jobs....I had an Epson 3880 last and after six years it died from a faulty print head. I was running a test print twice weekly and **bleep**ting down after those and any print jobs. I will keep searching , and update if I get any definitive answers, and hope you do the same- thanks!

Thanks Dlob. Good to hear from an actual PRO-1000 owner. Until now, I felt I was a member of a CanonCommunity of ONE. Now it's TWO! 


Like you, I am a past owner of an Epson 3880 that finally quit after years of service. Great printer, but I always resented the black ink-switching, which sometimes initiated by mistake. Wasted lots of ink, so that's why I'm giving Canon a try.


Hopefully we can determine how best to not waste ink w. the PRO-1000. I am going to attempt a call to Canon Tech Support and see if I can get real-world reccommendations from them. I will report back and share at least my experience with their rep. Until then...

Hey Rich:

Great minds think alike...

I called customer support after posting here, and while there was no definitive "best practices", he suggested the following:


Keep agitation at the default setting


Keep your printer plugged in, and on, and go into settings and set auto shut off to "never"- the printer uses a decent amout of ink each time you start up.


I pressed him on this, because I was told by epson with the 3880 to shut down after use, and simply run a test print twice weekly to keep the jets clean. At least with that machine, the heat of keeping the printer on increased the drying of the K2 inks on the head. that actually worked well until it started banding and bleeding black ink everywhere


The printer goes into a stand by mode, which he says is the best option for intermittent users. If you know you are going to not be using  the printer for a few weeks, he recommends shutting it off.


He agrees with what I have already seen in some of the posts online- that the pro-1000 is fine with once weekly printing, and should definitely be used monthly to minimize clogs.


I'm gonna follow these "guidelines", let me know if you have any info to add.


Happy clogless printing


Thanks Dlop. The info you got is very helpful. I will do as you suggested and also contact tech support to see if I learn anything else, then share it and we can compare notes.


Yes, the 3880 was very reliable w. minimal maintenance. I also always kept it turned off unless needed. I had learned that when the 3880 was turned off it parked the head on a capping station and capped the head surface against an air-tight pad after being wipped clean. I wonder if the Pro-1000 does something like that.


Unfortunately for the 3880 the black ink switching valve eventually goes out and that is what caused your ink leakage. Too bad Epson didn't make the valve an affordable user switchable part.