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6A00 error — canon Pro-10


I recently sold my printer on eBay. Before I shipped it, it was working fine. The were some issues with test prints coming out with streaks, and some colors being off due to some suspected clogged heads, but that’s why I was selling it. The machine was printing with no errors. However, it was sent back to me having arrived to the buyer with this error.


The white and orange lights flash alternately 12 times. I thought It had something to do with the ink levels, I know some of them are depleted. But when I open the cover, the print head doesn’t move at all to the center. I’ve tried all the tricks resetting the printer, and still nothing. When i plut it in, the rollers will move a little, and then silence, followed by the flashing lights. When I plugged it into my computer and try to do a test print, it shows me 6A00 error code. From what I’ve read, this means there’s an issue with the auto purge? Is that fixable on my own, or am I out of luck? It bums me out to think before I sent it off, this problem didn’t exist. 




My printer has the same problem. This what Canon assitance says: 

This is error 6A80 which unfortunately is a service error that requires repair.

I'm waiting for a quote 🙄