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imagePROGRAF iPF8400 will not print Custom Paper Sizes/Custom Print Sizes


Hello. I recently purchased a used imagePROGRAF iPF8400 large format printer to make reproductions of artwork on canvas and a textured art paper. I am working off a MAC with macOS Monterey Version 12.5 and my Printer Driver is for the iPF8400 version 5.50

I have been attempting to do some test prints, which I need to do in an effort to get my color correct. So I made a PDF at the size of 43" x 5" with several small text paintings. I am using a 44" roll of canvas and a 44" roll of somerset velvet textured fine art paper. These rolls are expensive, so I wanted to use as little of the paper for my test prints.

I print using Adobe Acrobat Pro. I go into my Page Setup and make a custom print size of 43" x 5". My print preview looks fine, everything is there and looks good. I go into Printer to set my paper as Canvas or Fine Art Texture Paper and then I get a pop up that reads "Selected paper size is not supported by this printer". If I click okay and print anyway, which seems like it will be fine, my 8400 only prints the first 8 inches of my 44" strip. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 10.28.01 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 10.28.23 AM.png

I have tried printing out Photoshop, Preview- all have the same result.

However, if I choose a print size that is already built in the paper size set-ups, like "Poster 42" x60" - Borderless" or any others, the printer will print out 43" x 5" strip & all images on my test PDF are printed, but at 42" x 60" which is a BIG waste of paper.

I have tried many troubleshooting methods and called the support line 1-800-423-2366 and the guy on the other end said he had never heard of this problem and that he'd have to run it up to the techs and get back to me.

So, I am at a bit of a loss as I NEED to be able to make custom paper sizes / custom print sizes so I can be certain I have the colors correct before printing out my full size reproductions. Any thoughts or ideas of what I can do? Thanks!

IMG_5471.png.      IMG_5470.png


Thank you for your reply! Yes the min is 8" and after making that adjustment I am back up and running. 

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi CFogland,

The minimum size is 8 inches when selecting a custom size.  If you change your print from 5 inches to 8 inches, does the error occur?





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Thank you for your reply! Yes the min is 8" and after making that adjustment I am back up and running. 


Where did you get your paper roll from. & what brand if paper is it? Thank you in advanced.