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PIXMA MX492 printer can't be detected

My PIXMA is suddenly no longer connected to my wifi and I can't reconnect. (My router is still the same and all my other devices remain connected.)I've watched the setup videos and completed the process, but at the end, I get a blue box that says "Th...

Unable to connect t WIFI / TS 3120

Hi,I moved to a new place.I use the same internet connection.I've tried everything to connect ,it says "connection failed"There is no  more telephone support nor online support in Canadais there any Canon Tech support here?ThanksAlex 

PIXMA TS5150 Scanning & Signal Strength

I have exactly the same problem with a new MIXMA TS5150. tried re-installing Drivers etc etc. Time consuming and feel like a mug. Something as basic as the scan function one would expect to work with a brand new printer and its software. Also I have ...

hugh456 by Apprentice
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My MF632c can not scan through WIFI

My MF632c had been working properly for both printing and scanning through Wifi. One day I have to change my wifi router. My router was Xfinity wifi modem/router. Now, I changed to a cable modem + a tplink wifi router. The signal is very weak in the ...

TS3100 will only scan not print

As the title says, my TS3100 printer will only scan, but cannot print. It printed a week ago, but now, despite not being unplugged from my USB slot on the laptop, it will only register as a scanner, not a printer. I can confirm the laptop itself is n...

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