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Setup email MF8500C


I have an MF8500C multi function printer and have been trying to get email working on it for a while.  My setup is at a home, not an office.  Dedicated servers running house (relevant in a sec).  Running on Comcast.


I accepted at some point I wasn't going to be able to print straight to comcast.  Or that's what I read and eventually gave up on with setting it up.  So on my Windows 2012 R2 server I setup an SMTP server running on port 25 and no security.  Opening a test SMTP client on my computer and emailing to the server IP on port 25 with no credentials works fine.  Server takes the message and redirects it to comcast on port 587 and email in the inbox. 


With the Canon, server IP is entered for SMTP server address.  Another area of the system has port 25 setup for SMTP port.  Have the same dummy email address defined in there that I have in the test email I sent out from my PC.  When I try to scan to email and pick my comcast address as an example, I get a TX Error report of zero pages sent and an error to my comcast email address.  No details to work with.


Note I also have SMTP Authentican off as I have the SMTP Server setup to accept anonymous incoming from any internal IP address.


Can anyone explain what's happening here or how to properly configure this MF for emailing out?







Hi jriker1.


Please note that the scan to email function is designed to work with an onsite email server such as an MS Exchange server or a Domino server and not offsite email servers.


If your MF8580Cdw is connected to your network and you have an on site email server, you should be able to send scans via e-mail.  The information for setting the MF8580Cdw to be able to send scanned documents is available in the e-Manual provided with the printer.


Please ensure you have to activated the Send Function Setting Tool.  Before using the Send Function Setting Tool, check the IP address of the machine.  To do this, please follow these steps:


 1.  Press[Status Monitor] on the printer.

 2.  Select <Network Information> using [UP] or [DOWN] arrow, and then press [OK].

 3.  Select <IPv4> using [UP] or [DOWN] arrow, and then press [OK].

 4.  Select the <IP Address> using [UP] or [DOWN] arrow, and then press [OK].

 5.  Write down the IP Address. Example: IP Address

 6.  Press [Status Monitor/Cancel] to close the screen.  If using IPv6 address settings, select <IPv6> for step 3, <Link-Local Address> and <IP Address> for step 4 then continue with step 5 through 6.


After you have the IP Address, please follow these steps to activate the Send Function Setting Tool:


 1.  Start a Web Browser.

 2.  Enter "http://<IP address of the machine>/sendsupport_login.html" in the address field, and press the [ENTER] key on the keyboard.


Once the Send Function Setting Tool is activated, please follow these steps to configure the Send to E-mail settings:


 1.  Click [Start] on the Send Function Setting Tool web page.


To log on in the Administrator Mode:
     a.  Enter the system manager ID in [System Manager ID] and system manager PIN in [System Manager Password].

     b.  Click [Logon].


 2.  Click [Send to E-mail Settings].

 3.  Specify the required settings.


[Favorites Number] - Select from the drop-down menu.
[Name for Favorites Number] - Enter the name for identifying the Favorites number.
[Destination E-mail Address] - Enter the e-mail address that you want to send your scans to.
[SMTP Server] - Enter the name of the SMTP server.
[SMTP Authentication] - Select [Not Set] or [Set] based on the authentication settings of the SMTP server. When [Set] is selected, enter the user name in the [User Name] text box and password in the [Password] text box.


Authentication methods for sending e-mails

- To prevent e-mail transmissions by unauthorized users, the machine supports SMTP authentication (SMTP AUTH) and POP before SMTP. For more information on the required authentication method, contact your Internet service provider or network administrator.
- POP before SMTP authentication can only be configured by using the Remote UI. See "Configuring Advanced E-mail Settings" in the e-Manual.


 4.  Click [Next].

 5.  Check the settings and click [Register].

 6.  Restart the machine.  Turn OFF the MF8580Cdw for at least 30 seconds, and turn it back ON.


Additional settings may be required depending on the network you are using. For more information, contact your Internet service provider or network administrator.
- To enable SSL for e-mailing, see "Configuring Advanced E-mail Settings" in the eManual.
- To change port numbers, see "Changing Port Numbers " in the eManual.


Finally, follow these steps to scan to e-mail:


 1.  Place your document.

 2.  Press [SCAN].

 3.  Select <E-Mail> using [UP] or [DOWN] arrow and press [OK].

 4.  Enter the destination using the numeric keys, and press <Apply>.


- Pressing <A/a/12> toggles the input modes.
- If you enter the wrong characters, press "C". (Press to delete each character one by one; press and hold to delete all the input characters at once.)
- To make it easier to specify destinations by using other methods, such as the Address Book Specifying Destinations for E-mails
 5.  Specify any additional destinations as necessary.


- When you specify destinations, the <Type> screen appears first. Select <To>, <Cc>, or <Bcc> as a destination type, and press [OK].
- Use the Address Book or an LDAP server to specify multiple destinations.  To specify destinations as Cc or Bcc addresses, you need to use the Address Book.


 6.  Specify the scanning settings as necessary.


- Use [UP] or [DOWN] arrow to select the setting options.
- The machine is set by default to convert Letter-size documents with portrait orientation into standard PDF files.  If you want to change this scanning setting, select and change the settings of <Scan Size>, <Original Orientation>, and <File Format>.  To adjust other settings such as image quality, select and specify a setting item.

A scanned document is converted into a PDF file with its file name automatically assigned based on the following format: communication management number (four digit)_sent date and time_document numbers (three digit).file extension name.  You cannot specify file names yourself.
If a one-page document is converted into a PDF file and sent on October 17, 2012 at 07:00:05 p.m., this file name is assigned as shown below:
Example: 0045_121017190005_001.pdf


 7.  Specify the subject, body, reply-to address, and priority for the e-mail as necessary.


- The subject and the priority are set to "Attached Image" and "Standard" respectively by default.
- The body is not set by default. Enter it as necessary.  Without the body text, only scanned documents are sent.
- The reply-to address is not set by default.  Specify an address from among those registered in the Address Book. 


8.  Press [Color] or [B&W].  For Color Scan Press [Color].  For Black and White Scan Press [B&W].  Scanning starts. 


- When placing documents in the feeder, when scanning is complete, the e-mail is sent.

- When placing documents on the platen glass, when scanning is complete, follow the procedures below.


  1.  If there are additional pages of documents to be scanned, place the next document on the platen glass, and press [Color] or [B&W].
      - Repeat this step until you finish scanning all of the pages.
      - When there is only one page to be scanned, proceed to the next step.
  2.  Press <Start Sending>.  The e-mail is sent.


I hope this information is helpfult o you.  If you continue to experience issues, I recommend that you contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666), for further assistance.

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