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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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Hey Davy, I'm not sure how they handle their support these days since I never got to the point of opting for it. It could be a 3rd party tech for all I know and this issue could possibly be all due to a dishonest 3rd party tech and not Canon's fault after all. Unfortunately, we may never know and the experience has made me shy away from Canon, possibly for life. There are just too many other good options out there to mess around with issues like this. If there is something in the future to convince me that Canon actually cares and wants to take care of this issue that should be recalled by now then I might change my tune. I certainly understand companies, like people, can make mistakes.

That is the lesson to learn here. Document everything cause you never know what might happen. I'm not sure it's all conspiracy but it feels suspect. It could just be a case of a tech dropping the camera and not wanting to own up to it. Either way I just decided to file a claim with the BBB and see where that takes me. 


Sad thing is, I have a canon camcorder along with the S100 and was planning to add the T5 (slr) camera to my collection but unless Canon finds a way to take care of me I will not be purchasing another Canon.




Just an update on the DeoxIT fix (Post #186).  The camera has been working fine since I used the DeoxIT on the shutter switch.  Have taken around 200 photos since the fix without a single glitch. 


It’s possible that you might be able to use the Deoxit directly on the shutter button itself instead of disassembling the camera (as John had suggested in an earlier post).  I didn’t look at the penetration that the shutter button makes through the case top to see if it has any kind of seal, so I can’t say for sure if that would work or not, but if you have nothing else to lose, and don’t want to disassemble the camera, it’s worth a try.  I’d get the Deoxit in the bottle with the needle applicator (you can find it on Amazon or any number of places).  Take the battery out of the camera (always a good precaution when working on anything), push the shutter button down fully and put a few drops in the crack between the silver shutter button and the black ring that surrounds it.  Hold the button down for several seconds, then operate the button a bunch of times to distribute the DeoxIT.  Put the battery back in and test.


A few warnings:

  • I take no responsibility for this fix – if you break it, don’t blame me.
  • If if at some point Canon decides to do the right thing and repair these cameras under warranty, you might be out of luck if you’ve tried to fix it yourself.
  • Make sure you use DeoxIT, and not some generic “contact cleaner” or “tuner lubricant”. Some other brands can damage or soften some plastics. DeoxIT is expensive – around $25 for a bottle.
  • If you do disassemble the camera, be extremely careful around the high voltage flash components on the left side of the case – even with the battery removed, it’s possible to have hundreds of volts on the flash capacitor, and thousands available on the secondary coil. Not sure if the capacitor voltage is bled off when this camera is turned off or not (my Sunpak 622 holds a charge for days), so just be careful. This warning goes for anything that uses a gas discharge tube type flash.

Thanks for the update !

I doubt Canon is going to act on this at this point they are all's a shame.

I would definitely try using the DeOxit without taking the camera apart first and yes DONT USE THE CHEAP STUFF !

DeOxit is the only product I am confident with, like you, for an application into a camera.

I'm happy to hear your camera is still working for you !

I would be willing to look at a few of these cameras for free just to satisfy or at least try to satisfy my own curiosity as to whether there is more than one chronic fault in these.

Seems I and you are more curious than Canon as far as getting to the bottom of this situation


It's definitely a shutter button issue.  When the problem exists on my camera, I am able to get the shutter to trigger immediately by putting the entire surface of my finger over the shutter button and the zoom ring and then rocking the whole shutter/zoom assembly while pushing down to take a photo.  Every time.  That said, it isn't consistent on which way I have to rock the assembly.  Sometimes it is forward, sometimes side-to-side, etc...  


I like the Deoxit solution if it works, but I am not entirely sure the liquid can get anywhere of value from the outside (unsure if the button is sealed from the outside world).  Looks like a dissassembly may be in my future.



well the good thing with the DeOxit is it wont harm anything and may help without taking the camera apart.

You've narrowed it down to the switch or the internal mounting of the switch.

Have you tried the other solution yet...blowing air into the ports on the same side as the shutter switch ?

@John_ wrote:

Have you tried the other solution yet...blowing air into the ports on the same side as the shutter switch ?

No, and am not planning on it.  At least, not with my mouth.  Perhaps with compressed air at some point, but I'd rather get at the switch internally before I go down a route that, although seemingly successful in many cases, seems a bit coincidental as to fixing the issue.

yes it could be coincidental indeed. An air compressor set real low will also introduce less if any moisture.

There is only one way to get to the bottom of a solution and that is repeatability or measruement of continuity through that switch.


Just saw Canon is selling refurbished S100's now for $109.99....gee I wonder why? lol

Just an update.


I did take my camera apart and it was inspected by a friend who is familiar with electronics (he has made circuit boards for several devices).  His comment was the solder around the shutter button looks fine.  I did squirt it with DeoxIT and we put it back together.  No problem ever since but we have only taken about 100 photos.  I will update after our trip at Christmas as we will be taking a lot of photos with it... fingers crossed.


A piece of advice while taking it apart film yourself as you do it in case you have any questions on which screw goes where.

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