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sx70 hs freezes

Using single shot not overloading buffer camera has froze twice in 2 days.  Last shot in view finder no response to any input or even power off.  Had to remove battery to reset.  Anyone experiencing this, fix?

jaw1947 by Contributor
  • 7 replies

canon powershot sx540hs

hiAre there any videos to help when taking pictures in day and night etc. I tried to take pictures of lighthouse and they are still too bright. I triecd turning a whell to get point in centre of graph hence looking fir help taking pictutes during dsy...

S120 - NO FLASH Symbol is Always On

I've had a PowerShot S120 for several years, and have had no issues with it.  I'm familiar with the need to manually pop up the flash when directed.  Something happened, however, and now I cannot get the flash to engage.  It refuses to manually go up...

debeby by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

PowerShot A710 IS Blurry spot on photos

My sister owns a Power Shot A710. The camera takes beautiful photos but many have a blurry spot on the bottom center of the photos. I offered to help her trouble shoot the issue...and what better place to start than this Power Shot forum. I'll attach...

056.jpg 057.jpg 049.JPG
quister by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PowerShot SX60HS question

a few years ago, my canon was replaced by canon with a canon PowerShot SX60HS and until recently has done well. Now, there is an issue with photos coming out grainy, As an example, the Blue Heron was taken at a further distance than the Merganser but...

Blue Heron.jpg Merganser.jpg
mgauvin by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Image Transfer Utility 2 trouble

After a headache, I was able to connect the PowerShot 740 and start transferring images wirelessly. But now it's just...frozen. I had left the house during the transfer and due to the computer going into hibernating mode the transfer was cancelled. S...

Powershot sx 540

I have a brand new camera, less than two weeks, that I am using on a tripod to take pictures of items on a table.  The camera keeps turning itself off!  This happens each time I go to reposition an item or replace an item. When I go back to check the...

ELPH 190 IS Cannot get back to P Mode

I had the camera set in P Mode - which I prefer to use, but something changed and I cannot get back to it.  I thought I followed the manual instructions correctly by pressing the ^ button several times but I only get the Auto mode or Long Shutter sel...

Powershot SX530 HS will not power on

I recently purchased a Powershot SX530 HS new off of Ebay (May 30th, 2020).  Recently it developed a problem powering on.  If I insert a fully charged battery, it will power on as soon as the battery is inserted.  After a few moments of displaying "C...

Folsoml by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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