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shutter release not working S100



I am suddenly having problems with my S100. It will not take the picture when I press the shutter release. In case I had accidentally changed something, I did a Reset to Defaults. Then it worked, briefly, before returning to not working. It also would not let me change My Colors.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  Any ideas?

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Thanks John for the reply.

I did blow into the usb ports and the camera is working again.  I will wait and see how long this works before I try opening it up.  Thanks for the tips.

My serial number is 452132001916 for whomever is interested.

I will reply again when the camera stops working.

Any recommendations on what camera to buy if not the S120?  I am not a photographer but I want a good point and shoot camera.  I did like the S100 until now and I would buy the newer model if Canon fixed this issue.

your welcome !

Depending on your budget you should be happy with any of the Canon series and to be safe go above the 100 series.

All of the S or SX series allow for simple point and shoot picture taking and then they will also allow for more control, effects and editing. As you go up in the series numbers the more flexibilty and powerful features and options you will have. Just a matter of what you want to do.


So by blowing into the ports you could have done 1 of 2 things to make it start working.

Introducing some humidity which could temporarily bridge a bad connection

Or move/shift something inside, like blowing into a dented plastic milk container and poping it back into postion.That is still my best guess for this problem.

The person who took his camera apart could have fixed it before he used the Deoxit spray just by taking it apart and moving things.

Still a guessing game but at least you have a fix that does not need any tools !

By way of an update: My s100, which recovered for a couple of weeks after the puff-in-the-ports trick, isn't working anymore. I have to puff into the thing every time to take a photo, which is not convenient. Obviously.


My camera was working for few days, bit only for a few shots at a time. Today I was taking a gorgeous "out the window blowing snow on the farm" pic from the car and, you guessed it, no second click. So, in desperation, I huffed into the port as suggested. The camera functioned, but the pics registered were SOOO foggy! So, in cold weather, maybe not such a grand idea. After a few hours in the dry bag again, got a few more shots.
I am wondering, you techies out there, could there be a missing thingie like a gasket that is allowing changes such as temperature or humidity affect an otherwise fine camera?


Just called Canon who said that this camera has no other known issues other than the lens problem, and that they can only go off of problems reported. If you have not called into costumer support, it may help Canon recognize that this problem does exist and that they should look into it. I mentioned this thread to the guy and he said he would take a note of it- we'll see if they do...

(Their customer support line is pretty good, though rather useless in this case)

I called about 2-3 months ago and got the same results as you. I agree that generally their customer support has been very helpful for my variety of Canon products over the years. I was surprised at the response of no shutter release problems. I even mentioned this 20 page thread on their forums. They claimed to know nothing about it and only offered the pay for repair or Canon loyalty discount on refurbs.


Everyone make sure that you and anyone you know affected has signed the other forum member's petition.

I have called AND written for the issue, so maybe someone at Canonis not taking notes??


Here is  my update with my camera situation. I sent it into canon because they would not make a decision as to what they would do until they examined the camera. They send me a free shipping label and I purchased a $10 box that would completely secure the camera in transit.  When they recieved the camera and examined it they claimed that there was impact damage to the unit and that the cover was dented and separating and misaligned on the side. Wow! the camera was in great physical condition when I sent it in and there is no way that it was damaged in shipping given the lengths I took to protect it. Just to be clear, Canon is not claiming it was damaged in shipping but rather that there was impact damage to the camera before I sent it in. I just got off the phone with Canon management and I am livid.  I have never in my life dealt with a company that would out right lie to me like that. Granted, it could just be a tech who is doing the lying or maybe they have my camera mixed up with someone elses, which is why I am having them email me pictures with the serial number of the damaged camera. 


It all just seems too coincidental that I make a post on this forum about my issue and my plans to call canon and then call BBB if they aren't willing to help and then suddenly they claim that my camera is dented and separating. Unbelievable. They offered me a 50% discount on the fix ($169.69 full price) but I turned it down. Why would I want to give money to a company with such shoddy business practices? I'm still in shock. I'm sure that canon must have some good service given their A+ rating and popularity but this is my very first support issue with them and I'm just plain floored at what is transpiring. Sure, I expected them to say no to my request for a free repair but to then try and tell me that I sent them a damaged camera, other than the release button issue of course, is just unbelievable! I wish I would have videotaped the condition of my camera before I sent it in but who thinks of doing that when your dealing with a supposed reputable company? I'm going to go chat with the Fedex girl who helped me package the camera and see what kind of statement I can get from her. 


I guess I have no other choice now than to go to the BBB.

WOW unbelievable !!!

So basically they said you were silly enough to send them a dented up camera and claim it was defective? More likely one of their techs dropped it or got tired of fixing broken S100's and took it out on your camera.

Hindsight is 20/20 but yes who would think to go to such lenghts as to take pictures before sending it

The good thing is you have a FedEx rep who packed it for you, they do that for a living and know what they are doing so shipping damage is less likely. Hopefully she looked close at the camera.


Lesson to be learned, document with pictures, the cameras condition and packaging before sending to Canon.

I wonder if someone could confirm, I thought Canon didn't repair anything but used one of their agents.


A while back I sent a AS650 in becuase after filming some fireworks I had a tiny smudge on one of the lens or CCD maybe, they did a pretty good job and was reasonable quick, mind you I am in the UK so I selected a agent from their list.


Just that I was curious, eitherway thats a pretty low life demoralizing trick to do from ANY company should it be the case, I do feel this is just a 'fob off',  too busy right now, repair at leisure kind of thing.... and I was gonna get a SX280 - sure glad I didn't after reading the forums.



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