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PowerShot ELPH 360 HS

Up until about a week ago my SD card would upload pictures as a file from the day the photos were taken (2020-12-22).  Since that time the pictures have uploaded but only as INDIVIDUAL PICTURES.  In tools menu it is set and reset at DAILY but still t...

marmil74 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Videos not transferring

I’m having trouble uploading videos from my camera connect app using a g7x but my images are uploading fine. I had about 15 videos to upload and the first 9 worked and then it stopped. My phone still has space on it although it is very full, plus I t...

Won't Focus

Our Powershot SD1200IS Digital Elph won't focus in automatic, camera, or vidoe settings.Occassionally, the first picture after turning it on does focus okay, but pictures after are all out of focus.

mpanfile by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Camera won’t recognize iphone

I received a power shot Sx530 as a gift. It was my dad's. I am able to get it to recognize my Wi-Fi. I also have my phone set on the same Wi-Fi. But the PowerShot camera is not recognizing my phone. Any suggestions? Thank you

Powershot SX530 HS as a webcam

I'm trying to use the SX530 HS as a webcam.  I have a Magewell USB Capture Plus converter and when I plug in the HDMI from the camera in the camera mode it displays no signal.  If I am in the view photos mode it will display ok.  How do I get it to d...

Nevets by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

Resolved! "memory card error" on brand new G5X

Hi, I bought a new Powershot G5X, inserted a 128GB sd card (also brand new) and the camera says "memory card error" It is a cheap 20€ 128GB sd card from Transcend - Transcend Ts128Gsdc300S Sdxc Memorycard, I, C10, U3, V30, Black, 128Gb Its this SD ca...

Resolved! 1-2 second lag with SX280 HS

My trusty SX280 HS has lately been exhibiting a prodigiously long lag when I press the shutter button – typically as long as 1-2 seconds, and more when I engage the flash. The camera appears to focus, as evidenced by the green rectangle in the center...

Opticist by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Powershot G12 purple streaked images.

I am getting purple streaked images from my Powershot G12.  The menu screen looks normal and is not distorted.  only the video preview and photos.  Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to fix it or do I need to send it in for repair?ThanksJ...

Justin by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies
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