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lens questions for a cannon g12

so I have a g12 cannon power shot camera, I've had it for quite some time now. I know my way around the camera pretty well and I am always looking for new ways to put it to good use.here is my question, I have a group of lenses as well as lens filter...

SX40HS lens interior is dirty, how to clean?

I have an SX40HS that has served me very well. I just noticed some dirt on the glass interior of the lens, between the movable portion of the lens and the fixed portion. Is there a way to remove the movable portion so that I can get in there and clea...

drwybo by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

pixels, dithering

I have taken some pix with my Powershot SX170 and they have much pixelization even tough it's anoutdoors pic and there shouldn't be a problem with the clarity. The settings I used are Auto and Live. Why am I not getting a clear, clean photo? Thanks.

musicus by Contributor
  • 17 replies

SX620 HS Settings Overriden for Video

The Canon "Camera User Guide" says on p. 53: Movies can be recorded in [ P ] mode as well, by pressing the movie button. However, some FUNC. (=24) and MENU (=25) settings may be automatically adjusted for movie recording.It would be very helpful to m...

Resolved! SX60 HS Image Transfer Utility and Windows 10

2015 SX60HS Transfers images via WiFi to iPhone using Canon Connect very well.  I got tired of pulling the card from camera and putting it in the desktop.  Image Transfer Utility sets up OK; WiFi portion setup complete.  When I go to the camera to es...

Resolved! SX 530 HS Tv Mode Shots - Dark

Hello, I am trying to shoot in Tv mode for sports, but the pics for indoor events come out very dark. These are my current settings:Shutter speed: 1/400th Continuous shooting: OnServo AF: On  Help.  E. V. 

Video on PowerShot SX 530 HS

Hi, I have a question about videoing on the PowerShot SX 530 HS. Whenever I upload the videos to an editing software, the videos seem grainy. What settings to I use to make my video not grainy and to make my video more clear?

Haley by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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