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Can I tether a canon PowerShot elph 300 hs to a laptop like a viewing monitor?


I have a canon PowerShot elph 300hs I would like to use it for. Top down video but I cant see the screen.

How do I tether the camera to my laptop to view the video as it's recording? I tried the eos software and it didn't work.

I tried the HDMI to HDMI cable and nothing happened.

Do I need a certain app or software? There is nothing on the elph that has tether options or mirroring options

Any help is greatly appreciated! I really don't want to have to buy another camera and my phone is too heavy and bulky for a tripod with clip.



Laptops are not monitors. They have new way to view live video. Get a small NTSC monitor. That camera has no HDMI output, only composite output with the special cable. Something like an El Gato box might let you view live video on a laptop.