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PowerShot S110 Stuck Pixel on LCD or Lens?

I picked up a refurbished S110 from the Canon online store a few weeks ago and recently I noticed a discolored pixel on the LCD. This pixel is always brighter than the rest of the screen and usually appears most apparent when the lens is zoomed in an...

shadow7 by Apprentice
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Can't connect Powershot SX510HS to computer

I am trying to connect my powershot to my computer using WiFi,  I have the canon utilitys installed on my computer along with imagebrowser, The wifi connection setup has been done and said it was succesful.  My camera is connected to my wifi and i am...

120fps PowerShot?

Just curious as to whether or not there's been any speculation as to whether Canon is going to be releasing anything that will be able to achieve 120FPS at 720p or above anytime soon. I may end up having to get an RX iii or one of the new RX IV's, bu...

Reseting impossible on a PowerShot A720is

WHEN DOING THE RESET on the PowerShot A720is , IT SAYS Busy with an interdiction Hand? I first go in tools, and the option reset all,  then push on the FUNC-Set button , then arrow to the ok option and then click on the Func-Set button, by there the ...

Shutter/aperture settings in Movie mode

Hello, is it possible to adjust the shutter or aperature while in movie mode ?  I push the e/v button and a slider appears at the bottom of the screen in the middle position but when the dial is turned there is no change.  Thanks in advance for your ...

Elph 340-wifi won't work

I bought this power shot camera a month a ago. I put on the camera connect app on my cell phone. I connect through my camera to the canon wifi site. I am connected on my phone. I touch send images on the phone and I get 196 white squares on my phone ...

dibbee by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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