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Powershot SX510HS - Lens error and lens won't retract at all.


My lens is out an won't retract. I press the power button but it says "Lens Error, Will shut down automatically. Restart Camera". Not sure what shut down automatically is cause the lens is still out. I can't restart it. Is there anything I can do. What would case lens error? I didn't drop the camera. 


I can scroll through pics on memeory card via buttons on back but can't take pictures even with lens open. 





I had a similar issue with my Canon PowerShot G12 where the lens extended then gave me the same message. I tried quite a few times to power the camera off and on to no avail. I had never dropped the camera either, but there was always the possibility it got dropped during shipping as this was purchased off the Internet.


Some people suggest gently pushing the lens back into the camera, but this could cause more damage than good. There could be some dirt that jammed itself into the lens body and is causing the issue. You could try using a vacuum on low to see if that helps. If the camera is still under warranty, I would call Canon Service to see about a repair. There are outfits out there that will fix the lens error, but it is about $150.00 or more plus shipping to get it done. When my camera broke, it was out of warranty, and more than 5 years old, so Canon did not want to repair it, so I used an outfit called Cameras and Parts.


There are a few other reasons for lens errors. One is using the camera too soon after coming in from the cold and the camera is fogged up from condensation. This could cause a short in the camera's electronics. I already mentioned dirt in the lens body, which can happen if you use it on a windy day. I'm guilty of not cleaning out my camera bag enough and the camera picks up the dust from there. Since the G12 episode, I've gotten much better at that.


Good luck on whatever route you need to take.


Steve M.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Mmbx4,


I recommend performing a "hard reset" of your camera. To do this, remove the battery pack from the camera then close the battery compartment. Now press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds, then release it. Replace the fully charged battery pack and turn the camera on.


If your camera works normally, you're ready to start shooting. If the issue persists, unfortunately, your camera will require repair.


You may setup the repair of your camera at this site:  Once on our site, click on "Request Product Repair". On the next page, you may create an account or log into your existing account. These options make it easier to request the repair of more than one product. You may also choose the "Continue" button to "Continue without an Account".

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What does pressing an electrical button with not battery do? Is there another battery internal to the camera that operates the microcontroller?

I think I posted using the wrong button. What does pressing an electrical button (power on/off button) do when there's no battery installed?


Is there another battery internal to the camera that operates the micro-controller unit?