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Can PowerShot S120 "incompatible jpeg" error be fixed?


Hello --

Other posts on this board don't seem to answer the following questions in a definitive manner.


Can the "incompatible jpeg" error be fixed?


Background: I just attempted to copy files over from camera's 32 GB SDHC card to an upgrade 64GB SDXC card on my PC. No errors were present on original card during playback mode on camera, when reviewing images prior to this copying procedure. Upon inserting new card in camera after copying over, yellow "?" mark shows on many images. When old card re-inserted into camera, same files now show "?" error where it had not before. In Windows Explorer file modified date/time shows as the couple hours later when I had rotated image format (vert to horiz, e.g.) in the camera, not on the PC. Original card fromatted as FAT32, and worked fine for over a year. New card formatted in camera as exFAT prior to receiving copied files. Both sets of images on the two cards now seem corrupted. Although they can be viewed on PC when card inserted there, they cannot be properly viewed on camera at present. Can this be fixed? I hope that this can be fixed, because this is a real messed up situation.


EDIT: Upon removing old SD card from camera and re-inserting into PC, dialog pops asking to scan the disk. From the CLI > fsutil dirty query x: returns that volume is "dirty"...(can this get worse?)


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Hello mkapono Welcome to the Canon Forums and thanks for your inquiry!


If any of the files or folders have been altered while copying to your computer then they would not be accassable on the camera. If you have sucessfully copied these images to your computer then you will want to format the card in the camera to clear it before you use it again.


You mentioned that you did a format in camera and chose exFAT which is interesting, since you should not have the option to choose the format type in camera. 



For more details regarding this error, please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.


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Hello --


I formatted the SDXC card, brand new out of pkg, in camera, prior to taking the copied files from original SDHC. The exFAT is what the camera chose to format as.


As this was a bulk copy over, was uanaware that files would in anyway change during the process. The copy was card-to-card via slot reader on PC to USB-dongle reader.


Original SDHC card is now getting scanned for the broken sectors/blocks resulting from this process.


Thanks for the reply