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imageCLASS D1550 Cannot scan from printer to computer


Canon DF1550 connected to Windows 10 Dell desktop via USB.

Scanning from the printer to the computer stopped working yesterday.  Using the steps as described at after I press scan (step 6 in those instructions) nothing happens and I eventually get an error message at the printer that says, "An error occurred"

I can scan initiating it at the computer using the MF Scan Utility.

I have cycled power on both the printer and computer.  The USB connection is good since I can scan initiating it at the computer.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot or fix this?


Product Expert
Product Expert


If you are unable to scan from the operation panel, but you can scan using the MF scan utility on the computer, you can try installing the latest versions of the drivers and software from our support site to see if that resolves the issue. You can download the software using the link HERE. The files that I would suggest installing would be the .

  1. Windows 64bit] imageCLASS D1550/D1520 MFDrivers (UFR II / FAX / ScanGear.
  2. Windows 32-bit & 64-bit] Patch for Network Scan, USB Scan.
  3. Windows 32bit & 64bit] MF Scan Utility Ver.

Once the files are installed, you can try another scan from the operation panel to see if you are able to begin a scan. If it still fails, you can try turning off any security software that could be blocking any incoming scanner connections.