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My MF726cdw will not feed from the tray to the duplexer!

Starting yesterday morning, my printer would not feed from the tray to the duplex unit. The paper would go in maybe an inch or two and then stop. It chatters and rattles and makes groaning and grinding noises, and then I get the paper jam alarm. It t...

print server necessity for LBP 5100

Hello;I need to connect my LBP5100 printer to network. The price of nb-c2 network card is higher than a new printer; so it can not be an option. Could you please advise a print server which is compatible with LBP5100 ? RegardsTirelibirefe

LBP7110Cw - Wireless?

I just purchased a laser printer (LBP7110Cw) and cannot get it to connect to my wireless...any tips?...To be more specific - the printer is set up and usable with my desktop computer (running Windows 7 - 64bit) via USB, but I also want to be able to ...

Problem with 3035 coping office size paper using feeder

Hi, when I have to use a specific size of paper, that i define as U4 and name it OFI (for office size venezuela) but when I copy using this size through the feeder It cuts the image by one inch. If i copy without the feeder it prints ok, and If I use...

print ^ x 4 on A4

I have just bought a Pixma mg5750 printer.   It is not clear to me how from the pc software I specify to print a single  6" x 4" image on to A4 paper.  Please help.

ronhud by Apprentice
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System Error E255

Canon MF4350DWindows 10 64-bit I am getting System Error E255 on my printer. I have resinstalled Windows 10 (clean load).I downloaded the latest software/drivers for the printer.I continue to get the Error Message. I am able to print a test page.The ...

Canon MF8280 printer black track marks

Hi my printer is producing these black track marks on my pages when I print.  They are the length on the page that is being printed and show up even when printing blank pages.   I'm sure this is a result of one of the rollers, but I cannot determine ...


Scanner wont work

I have a printer model MF4550d but my scanner won't work anymore.  I get a message "connect computer".  I have recently changed to windows 8.Please help.

pip11 by Apprentice
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pc980 copier paper jam

I have a PC980 copier that is showing a paper jam error. I've checked everything and cannot find a paper jam. I've turned the printer off and left it for 10 minutes and I'm it's still showing a paper jam. Any suggestions?

vondab by Apprentice
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