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Bottom Tray not Feeding

For some reason, my bottom tray will not feed paper.  Evertime I wantto print, I have to put blank paper into the feeder tray like you would with envelopes.

MF753CDW DNS not working after firmware update

I have a ImageClass MF753CDW printer that I have set up to send email and i-fax items.    Recently, we updated the firmware to 3.09, released February 2, 2024.Since that time, DNS does not seem to be working, which caused my pop and smtp papers to no...

MB2760 print yield is Just 1 page

I purchased an MB2760 several years ago for my household. We print infrequently (maybe 2 or 3 times per year) and only ever in black and white (always using greyscale print option)The first-ever print was fine (2 pages black and white). Several month...

imageCLASS MF264dw Scanner suddenly won't scan

Hello, hope someone can help me! Have a 3yo MF260 laser/printer/scanner, and suddenly it won't scan. Nothing has changed in my setup from 3 days ago when it worked fine. I have it set up wirelessly, and it will print fine. Clicking the scanner utilit...

scanner error.jpg

Printing small - imageCLASS MF217w

I sctually have a canon mf217w laser printer. My problem is when i go to print a return label or shipping label the labels come out to big. Ive tried everything i know. Im using canon business print.Any help appreciated. Thanks 

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