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New Drivers and support software - ImageClass MF217W


Hi -

I recently got a new laptop and I was setting it up - and intending to enable it to print from my trusty ImageClass MF217W.....  However, unlike the last 3 or 4 laptops I have used or setup for other people, Canon revised the driver and scan software downloads and now offers new driver and scan and wireless downloads which also comes with an arcane and convoluted process for loading/setting up a new install. doesn't work. And....the drivers are not listed as installed in the control panel so you can't uninstall them. The directions ask you to find specific files in the setup folders - have looked and looked: not there. So since they are not there, you can't follow the arcane and convoluted process and install the software. So.....I have two new laptops which CANNOT PRINT OR SCAN from my MF217W while I have to use a 5 year old laptop to print and scan because it is using the original drivers. I am going to ask for help with this but I really don't expect to get much help. I would be satisfied if anyone has earlier versions of the drivers for this machine so I can still use it. Otherwise, believe it or not, I will have to junk a perfectly good MFP and buy a new one so I can print from my new laptops. That sounds insane but that is the situation I am in.  (Windows 11, Thinkpads L15 Gen 2, L13 Gen 3....old laptop is a Thinkpad X380 - workes great.


Product Expert
Product Expert


To use the MF217w with a Windows 11 computer, you can download and install the drivers and software from our site using the link HERE. The two files that you would need to install would be the [Windows 64bit] imageCLASS MF217w/MF216n/MF212w MFDrivers (UFR II / FAX / ScanGear) and the [Windows 32bit & 64bit] Tool Box Ver. . Those files will install the drivers that you need and the scanner software. If you run into any problems installing the files, please reply to this post with any issues/errors you get during the install and we would be happy to assist further. For a more immediate resolution to your issue, you can contact support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist with the install or can help resolve any issues.

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