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MF642CDW - Pulley noise when printing


Hello again!

We got the Color ImageCLASS MF642CDW  about 1 year ago for our office. We do not use it that much. About 2 weeks ago it started making loud pulley like noises when printing and the loudest is at the end of the printing when it stops. The sound is intermittent: 

What we have tried so far
- All the possible cleaning and maintenance options in the settings. We also

- Opened the panels, there was no paper jam

- We took out and replaced the cartridges and

- We restarted it on several occasions

So now we are wondering what the next step would be to obtain maintenance service (we are located in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada).We purchased the printer from Best buy and they do not offer support for the printers.

The sound is very loud and can interfere with employee calls so must be resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you!


Rising Star
Rising Star

The sound reminds me of either a slipping belt or worn bearings. If there is nothing caught in the system and the onboard maintenance options have been tried, I would suggest reaching out to Canon Customer Support to have them do some additional checks to determine if it needs to sent for repair. 🤔

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