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Cannot discover a device on a network - i-SENSYS MF655Cdw



I am having trouble with network discovery while installing the i-SENSYS MF655Cdw software. The software never finds the printer, not even by its IP address.

On my PC, I tried restarting the Print Spooler and Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) services, turning off the firewall and antivirus, the printer can be pinged, it is on the same subnet, I can access the printer's web interface, I have enabled [SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support], and other PCs on the same network and even on the same Ethernet cable can find the printer without any issues.

On both devices is DHCP autocinfiguration enabled.

On the printer, IPv4 is enabled, [Multicast Discovery Settings] has been enabled.
I am already desperate. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

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Thanks a lot




Greetings ,

Please start by describing your network. What hardware are you using?  Is this hardware responsible for DHCP? 

I recommend you assign a static IP address to the device on the router or DHCP server.  You can leave the printer set to DHCP as long as the ip is reserved or statically assigned. 

Are you using any switches or hubs?  Connect the printer directly to the appliance managing DHCP.  

What OS version and build are you using the printer with?  Do you have third party antivirus software installed?  If so, which one. 

You only typically need two pieces of software for the printer to operate. Which (exact) applications have you installed from the products support portal?


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The LAN has one Fortigate 60D router where the DHCP server is located. In the network, there is a Cisco POE switch without any VLANs or other functions set up. The printer has a reserved IP address in the DHCP server. The PC's operating system is a newly installed and up-to-date Windows 10 Pro.

I am installing the MF650CMFDriverV720W64.exe package. However, neither does GPlus_PCL6_Driver_V300_32_64_00.exe work.

The only option is to manually install the drivers into the OS and then add the printer by IP in the Control Panel. Unfortunately, I do not have access to advanced functions such as scanning, etc.

The biggest mystery is that other PCs (about 4 of them) on the same ethernet cable do not have this problem.





Got it.  60D performing DHCP, static IP assigned, flat network.  4 other PC's working, 1 is not.  This tells us the NIC in the printer is fine.

The Print Spooler and WIA services won't affect discovery.  Neither will enabling CIFS 1.0.  Problem is definitely the PC.  

Review IPv4 and IPv6 properties on the PC's network adapter

Ensure Network type is set to Private

When you run the MF installer (first one referenced below), you should be prompted to allow it to make changes to the windows firewall, do you see this prompt?  These have to exist if the windows FW is active.  What AV are you using?  (in addition to Windows Security)?

Run >sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt and see if any integrity violations are found/fixed.  Restart if corruption is found.

These are the two installers you need for the Printer / Scanner to function under windows:

Install first:

[Windows 64bit] MF753Cdw/ MF751Cdw MFDrivers (Generic Plus UFR II / Generic FAX / ScanGear)

Install second:

[Windows 32bit & 64bit] MF Scan Utility Ver. (this provides scanning ability)

This is the order of steps I would perform.

Remove the printer from windows Device and Printers

Uninstall ALL canon software

Important restart the PC

Check / verify settings

Run system file checker

(Optional) uninstall 3rd party anti-virus software and restart if other than Windows Security

Restart system again

Confirm you can PING the printers IP

Run the MF installer #1 I referenced above.  Look for the prompt I mentioned

If this doesn't work, I would wipe the device and re-image.  No reason to spend this much time trying to figure out why you can't install a printer on one device. 

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