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MF644Cdw not printing correctly


I have a Mf644Cdw, and everytime i print in color it tints everything blue and when i try to adjust the color it tints everything in a different color, specially the whites in my prints. am i missing something here or is there a way to fix this issue, because i cant figure it out and support didnt help at all and sent me here to ask the public, smh, so thanks for any info on fixing this issue


Product Expert
Product Expert


If the white in the image is being tinted blue, it looks like there is something wrong with the hardware or there is a toner leakage issue. In that situation, you can try removing all of the toner cartridges and inspecting the printer interior for any toner powder. You can wipe up any loose powder with a slightly damp cloth. After that, you can inspect the toner cartridges for any leaks and reload them. You can try cleaning the fixing assembly and ITB using the steps found in the link HERE.

If you continue to have the issue, it would mean the printer needs service. You can use the link HERE to access your My Canon account and check your service options.