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MF642Cdw toner is streaking


I've used the maintenance functions to clean the fixing assembly, ITB & feeder.  It helped slightly, but I still have toner streaking down the middle of my pages.  I checked toner levels.  Yellow is at 70% and magenta is at 60%.  (These are the only ones streaking.  Everything prints fine, but then I have these streaks.  I'm not sure what else to do to improve quality.  Any suggestions are appreciated!  See image for greater clarity.

yellow & magenta streak bandsyellow & magenta streak bands



Same thing happening to me


I'm having a similar issue with my 2 year old MF642Cdw printer, magenta only though. I replaced the magenta toner cartridge with a new Canon cartridge, and while it reduced the streaking somewhat, it still has streaks.

Hello Vonburns,

If you are getting magenta streaks on the back of the paper and you have already tried cleaning the image transfer belt and the fixing assembly, It looks like there a problem with the hardware or the magenta cartridge.

In this situation, you can try removing the toner cartridges and checking the inside of the printer for any loose magenta toner that you can wipe up with a damp cloth. You can also check the toner cartridge to see if it is leaking.

If that does not resolve the issue, it looks like the printer needs service, you can use the link HERE to access your My Canon account to check your service options or you can contact support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist.

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