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when printing on both sides, get unreadable stripe on second page, Imageclass D420 printer


Have a Canon Imageclass D420printer.  Lately I am getting a 1/2 inch wide vertical stripe of smears the full length of the page when printing both sides.  The blurred stripe is approximately 3" from the right hand edge of the sheet.  The smear shows up on the second side 3" from the left hand edge of the sheet.   I reprinted the same document and only printed on one side of the paper and the smear does not occur.   Sounds like some roller needs to be cleaned?    Anyone have similar problem.  


Jerry Hudack



Hi jerryhudack,

To help isolate the cause of the issue, please check the following:

1. Confirm that either LTR or A4 paper between 17 to 21 lb (64 to 80 g/sq.m.) is being used when duplex printing (Note: envelopes cannot be used for 2-sided copying). 

2. If using specialty paper, please test standard laser copy paper for comparison. 

However, if the above has been checked, the fuser roller in the main unit may be dirty affecting the second side of your duplex printouts.  Cleaning the Fuser Roller can help with the issue.

The below procedure will step you through the cleaning process. To prepare, load a sheet of blank LTR paper into the multi-purpose tray and start cleaning.  Here are the steps:


- Use standard paper as the cleaning paper.
- Cleaning the roller takes approximately 130 seconds.
- When some jobs are stored in memory, this function is not available.

1. Press [Menu].

2. Press [ < ] or [ > ] to select <ADJUST./CLEANING>, then press [OK].

3. Confirm a sheet of blank LTR paper is loaded in the multi-purpose tray.

4. Press [ < ] or [ > ] to select <FIX. UNIT CLEANING>, then press [OK].

Cleaning starts.

Throw away the cleaning paper after use, and perform a duplex test print to confirm the issue has been resolved.

If unresolved, please contact us here and we'll be glad to help you further.

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I am having the exact same problem. I completed the FIX UNIT CLEANING function, but afterward I still had the stripe appearing on second page.


Is there any other advice available?




- Greg


I  did the same and did the cleaning several times but to no avail. Still have the problem


Did anyone find a solution for this problem? tried to clean everything possible several times, still have problem also... CANON, can you please answer us all??  Thank you!


Hello Upequip,

If cleaning the fixing unit did not resolve the issue, you can also try removing the toner cartridge and checking the inside of the printer for any loose toner powder that you can wipe up with a damp cloth. 

If cleaning the the fixing unit and cleaning the interior of the printer did not resolve the issue, it looks like the printer needs service. You can use the link HERE to check you service option or you can contact support at 1-800-652-2666.