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Imageclass MF743Cdw prints too light. How to get it darker?


My new (bought in October) Imagelcass has yet to print black in full black. It's very light, almost greyscale.  Color prints fine but the black is more of a grey.  I can adjust print settings when making copies, but can't find a way to make it "print" darker.  I use a PC, not a Mac.  Suggestions?



How to fix the “lighter looking” / slightly “washed out” printing of a Canon MF740 Series laser printer (Canon Color ImageClass MF743Cdw).


I noticed the brand new Canon MF743Cdw was printing what I would call “washed out” Color. Even on Black/Text only prints, it looked almost “Lite-Brown” or like some sort of Lighter Grayscale instead of a “Deep True Black”. It was very noticeable compared to several Canon Color ImageClass MF730 Series / MF733Cdw printers I had previously installed and configured.


To fix this…I followed this procedure and now the MF740 Series / MF743Ddw is printing like expected…like a champion with full vibrant Color and great rich deep Blacks when printing either B&W or Color.


Three (3) Steps to Great Color & Deep Blacks –

  1. Clean Fixing Assembly -
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjustment/Maintenance  >   Maintenance  >  Clean Fixing Assembly  >  Select ‘OK’  >  Then, Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer Display, and let it do its thing).
  2. Correct Print Color Mismatch -
    Next, go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjustment/Maintenance  >  Adjust Image Quality  >  Correct Print Color Mismatch  >  Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display, and let it do its thing).
  3. Auto Adjust Gradation - Full Adjust - (This is a more robust sequence than the initial Startup Color Adjustment when the printer was first turned ON.)
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  > Adjustment/Maintenance  >  Adjust Image Quality  > Auto Adjust Gradation  >  Full Adjust  > Select ‘OK’ (it will list 4 Steps)…
    1. Print Image 1 for adjustment.
    2. Scan the printed Image 1 for adjustment.
    3. Print Image 2 for adjustment.
    4. Scan the printed Image 2 for adjust.
      Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display, and follow the on screen instructions).


This did the trick for me, hope others find it helpful, enjoy! 🙂

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Hi, Linda_Hagan.


If this problem is occurring out-of-box, try enabling the Reduce Faint Print After Replacing a Cartridge option.  The menu map for that is:


<Menu>  <Adjustment/Maintenance>  <Adjust Image Quality>  <Special Processing>  <Rdc. Faint Print After Rplc. Cart.>  <On>  <Yes>  


Other than that setting, double-check the type of paper to which you're printing.  While many paper types currently available are multipurpose, some are still made specifically for Inkjet or specifically for Laser printers.  Inkjet-specific plain paper may not print correctly in a laser printer.


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).


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I tried this setting but it didn't help. However, the details of this function indicated it would change the operation when a new cartridge was inserted.  Of note in my case, printing black is dark/correct when I print a document through MW Word so the printer/toner appears to be capable of operating correctly.  It's printing other things, like webpages, where the black is light gray.  I've selected B/W printing, but black text is still quite light.  So this seems like an incorrect default somewhere.  Let's try addressing this from the other direction?  What setting would I change if I wanted to lighten black text?  Also, I've seen multiple posts that the printer driver for this printer is terrible.  What I'm seeing is a very full-featured offering (maybe too many?) but what is the correct driver for this printer?  Thanks! 

Hello irmoscott and Linda_Hagan.


Web-based content often is not actually black and white, but rather various shades of colors to produce a more pleasing and properly contrasted image.  When printing to the MF743Cdw, some of those finer details are lost due to the lower resolution of the printer, and some of what appears to be black will be printed lighter, in black and white or grayscale printing, due to actually being a dark shade of another color.


When printing web-based content, try to use a "Printer friendly" version, and, if possible, change it to black and white before printing.  Most current operating systems will allow you to Save as PDF; setting Black and White or Grayscale for Save as PDF will allow you to see the black and white before printing.


Canon provides drivers for this printer at the MF745Cdw Drivers & Downloads page.  You're free to use any other drivers, though we're only able to help with the drivers we provide.


For the MF Drivers, you can adjust color/grayscale quality on the Quality tab.  This can be used to adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma.

Thank you for the additional info. Unfortunately, my printing issues occur when printing MS Word, PowerPoint or PDFs - not web content. Other thoughts?

This did not help. I see another person has added to this string with similar problem with no resolution either.

This was very helpful!!! Thank you!!

Glad it helped debzex's been awhile since I was here. Smiley Wink


My printer is printing  navy blue as purple.  I read on google that I may need to 'calibrate' the cartridges, but it did not say how to do that.  


Also the printer will not print watermarks or the bottom layer of an image created in MS Word. 


ALL of this began after I downloaded the Canon Driver updates # 1/6/20 yesterday.  I think I will just call the help line and sit on hold for an hour.


I have a project deadline on Thursday 1/23/20....HELP!!

Hello Linda_Hagan and Nana Patti.


For both, try performing a Quick Adjust and, if that doesn't correct the problem, perform a Full Adjust.


Linda, if that doesn't correct the problem, try adjusting the Density setting for Black.

<Menu>  <Function Settings>  <Printer>  <Printer Settings>  <Print Quality>  <Density>  Adjust the density of each color  <Apply>  


If you need immediate assistance with this issue, please contact us using the numbers and information at


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