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Imageclass MF743Cdw prints too light. How to get it darker?


My new (bought in October) Imagelcass has yet to print black in full black. It's very light, almost greyscale.  Color prints fine but the black is more of a grey.  I can adjust print settings when making copies, but can't find a way to make it "print" darker.  I use a PC, not a Mac.  Suggestions?



How to fix the “lighter looking” / slightly “washed out” printing of a Canon MF740 Series laser printer (Canon Color ImageClass MF743Cdw).


I noticed the brand new Canon MF743Cdw was printing what I would call “washed out” Color. Even on Black/Text only prints, it looked almost “Lite-Brown” or like some sort of Lighter Grayscale instead of a “Deep True Black”. It was very noticeable compared to several Canon Color ImageClass MF730 Series / MF733Cdw printers I had previously installed and configured.


To fix this…I followed this procedure and now the MF740 Series / MF743Ddw is printing like expected…like a champion with full vibrant Color and great rich deep Blacks when printing either B&W or Color.


Three (3) Steps to Great Color & Deep Blacks –

  1. Clean Fixing Assembly -
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjustment/Maintenance  >   Maintenance  >  Clean Fixing Assembly  >  Select ‘OK’  >  Then, Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer Display, and let it do its thing).
  2. Correct Print Color Mismatch -
    Next, go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  >  Adjustment/Maintenance  >  Adjust Image Quality  >  Correct Print Color Mismatch  >  Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display, and let it do its thing).
  3. Auto Adjust Gradation - Full Adjust - (This is a more robust sequence than the initial Startup Color Adjustment when the printer was first turned ON.)
    Go to the Home Screen  >  Menu  > Adjustment/Maintenance  >  Adjust Image Quality  > Auto Adjust Gradation  >  Full Adjust  > Select ‘OK’ (it will list 4 Steps)…
    1. Print Image 1 for adjustment.
    2. Scan the printed Image 1 for adjustment.
    3. Print Image 2 for adjustment.
    4. Scan the printed Image 2 for adjust.
      Select ’Start’ (in the lower righthand corner of the Printer’s Display, and follow the on screen instructions).


This did the trick for me, hope others find it helpful, enjoy! 🙂

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Thanks—I’ll give it a go!


This did not work for me.

When I print from my laptop using Notepad++ using Courier New font, bold, the printout is so light I can barely read it. Likewise, when my wife prints a web page, it's too light to read.

I have followed the recommeded solution and it failed, although the test printout looked fine.


Has anyone come up with a solution that works?   I print off of iOS and macOS, and I've yet to have this printer print black, despite trying all the settings.   I don't understand why this laser printer can't print black correctly, when every other laser printer brand has no problem printing black correctly.  This is nuts.   Previously I've owned two other brands of laser printers and have never ran into this problem.


I'd call Canon support. It ought to print black. And depending on where you bought it, maybe you can still return it.

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