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Error: Cannot communicate with any of the scanners...


I have an ImageClass MF4890dw that I am using wirelessly with a Mac running macOS Sierra 10.12.16. When I start my MF Toolbox application I get the following error: "Cannot communcate with any of the scanners. The scanners may not be connected, or may be turned off". See attached image.


Things I have done to troubleshoot (to no avail):

  • Updated drivers
  • Updated MF Toolbox application
  • Accessed the printer from the Mac via the IP address in a web browser
    • Printer is accessable and all three statuses (printer, fax, and scanner) show as green

Any help would be appreciated!

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 11.29.21 AM.png



I am having this same issue and to be honest, I am ready to throw this printer through the window! I have owned it since March of 2019 and it's been the hardest printer to set up and configure. I miss my Epson that just worked without installing a driver!


I have the latest firmware, the latest drivers. I have the MF743CDW. I thought it was all working after spending 2 hours messing with it last week. I was able to print and it wasn't super light text and bad colors like it has been for the past year. Scanning does not work. Well it did work. I was able to scan to my Mac running Catalina. Worked great! I was able to open the Scangear software from my Mac and scan that way too.


Today is a different story. Printing doesn't work. Scanning doesn't work. I changed it to a static IP because my IP address was changing daily. 


The only way I can get this thing to work is to uninstall and re-install the driver. Every day. I'm sick of it. What do I do? I don't have virus software and nothing crazy on my machine. I just want to print and scan. I hate this printer so much! You have no idea how frustrated I am! I am a senior software engineer and have troubles understanding where to go for some settings and trying to remember how to get to the UI is a nightmare.


Please help!!!! I don't want to have to throw this $300 useless printer out the window. It's very heavy and I will probably give myself a hernia!

sczech. you are absolutey right.


Working the MF743Cdw is an absolute nightmare. I am not sure how a printer in 2020 can still have issues working with an absolute easy to use OS as as the Mac OS. 


Bonour/Airprint does not work most of the time. Frequent resetting of the print system is needed for it to see the printer. Even then, its not guaranteed to keep the printer connected. 


Out of the blue, the Scanner has now gone missing. No amount of resetting the system or restarting the computer helped bring it back. The driver install is unnecessarily complex. The MF toolset is not easy to use. 


I cannot see how this printer is targetted towards a small business; which demands higher reliability than a home environment. This printer/scanner is everything but reliable. My plan is, to use it until the Toner depletes. Then I am moving on to a more reliable platform for use. 

I'm glad I'm not the only one! What are we supposed to do? 


To scan something into the computer, I have to plug a USB drive into my Canon and hope that it's formatted correctly (most of my sticks DON'T work) and when it's done scanning, I have to insert the drive into my computer.


OR, I can uninstall and reinstall the driver to get it to work. 


Either way, unacceptable. At least with my old printer/scanner, I could scan to Dropbox. That wasn't a bad solution.

The latest driver on the Canon website broke the Bonjour drivers. I managed to remove a few files from various folders in Library and got the Bonjour to work. Its a temporary solution before the printer gets the amnesia back again. 


I still couldn't completely remove the Driver listed under the (+) option on printer. (In "Use" menu when adding the printer). 


How did you remove/uninstall your drivers completely from the Mac? I am on the latest OS version. And will like to go back to a clean slate. 


I believe the printer hardware is just fine for what it is. But its the software bugs that intervenes and make the hardware unusable. 



I guess I didn't "remove" the driver. I simply hit the minus sign in the Printers & Scanners settings and hit the plus to add it back. That seems to work but not sure why I have to do that every time I want to print or scan!


I agree - the printer seems nice but just can't get it to stay connected to my machine. When I scan from the printer, it shows my Mac as an option to scan to. But then I get a generic error after a while. 


I want to like this printer, but just can't! I can't imagine someone using this thing with a basic knowledge of computers!

Hi sharmelan.


If the Bonjour/Airprint connection and drivers are not working well, try using the UFR II drivers and the TCP/IP connection.  Bonjour/Airprint protocols are created and maintained exclusively by Apple, while TCP/IP protocols are universal across platforms and are thus less subject to trouble that might be caused by sudden changes in code base.  If you prefer the Bonjour/Airprint connection, then updated communication protocols for it are carried to the printer by the firmware update.  If using Bonjour/Airprint drivers along that connection, refer to Apple's support for help configuring the drivers.


If the scanner is no longer available, double-check the printer's connection to the network, and check that the computer can access the printer's Remote UI.  If the Remote UI cannot be opened, then the network is not allowing communication between the printer and computer.  Refer to your router's documentation and support to correct those problems.  If you can open the Remote UI successfully, double-check that your Firewall and Antivirus aren't blocking the scan data or scan software from the MF743Cdw.


If you are unable to scan from the MF Scan Utility, try scanning using Apple's Image Capture.  If Image Capture is unable to scan, then another program or a security setting is conflicting with the MF743Cdw's scanning.


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I've used the latest drivers and setup the printer via IP instead. Problem is, it doesn't do 2 sided printing at all. The only time 2 Sided printing option is available is; if I were to use the Bonour (Apple written) driverset. 


How do I get to enable Double sided printing? 

Hi sharmelan


Among the places in the driver where two-sided will show up, there is at the top of the print window (broad layout), in the Layout submenu (drop-down in the middle of the print window), and, beyond that, possibly in an added submenu for the printer at the bottom of the submenus list.


The last place it would be, if not in those places, is in a specialized submenu, which will vary by printer and program. Please also keep in mind that two-sided printing may be restricted based on the paper size and media type settings.  Specific paper sizes that allow it may be found at the MF743Cdw's paper size listing.


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And just when I thought I had this printer working again...I go to scan and it doesn't see my Mac. I go to print and the printer can't be found. 


I seriously want to throw this piece of junk out the window. How hard is it for a printer to work? I spend more time troubleshooting when I need to scan or print something quickly. 


Why do I have to reinstall the driver every time I want to print?????? WHAT DO I DO TO FIX THIS???

My issues are mostly rectified when using the Canon drivers. But the fact 2-sided printing is OFF on the main page, but avaialble on a hidden menu is certainly not right. Wonder what it takes to enable the standard option again? probably another driver update? 


Follow the post reply above me (from the Canon expert) and ensure that you are using the Canon driver; instead of the Bonjour(Apple) driver for the printer. My printer only had 1 connection dropout since then, which is far less than numerous drop outs every day. 

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