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Stuck on Processing Data


I have a Canon Imageclass MF216n that has been an absolutely reliable workhorse since I bought it, but I recently had to change the toner cartridge.   I did so, but ever since having done so, it keeps failing when I queue up a print job.  

What happens is that I will send it a print job, the Processing/Data LED will start to flash, and it will stay that way FOREVER.  The Status window on my Mac says "Printing - Waiting for job to complete" and it will sit there forever until the job is cancelled. 

I have done all teh obvious things:  rebooted the printer, rebooted the Mac, reinstalled the printer drivers, but no matter what I try the jobs just sit in teh queue for ever and won't complete.   And this happens on TWO different Macs, one running Big Sur and one running Catalina so it is definitely a Canon problem and not an APple problem. 

Any ideas on what to do next would be appreciated!  Having to use my old Epson ink jet printer in the meantime!  Yuck!