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Canon Pixma E460 Printer Unique problem

I have a canon pixma e460 printer in my house then i bought a new e460 for my parents’ house which I want to use. so now I have two exact printers. since I have installed the drivers of the e460 on my macbook for the first printer months ago in my ho...

Resolved! delete old copies of printer?

I just downloaded a driver for Windows 10, which hopefully has fixed my wireless connection. Interestingly, the connection was fine after switching from Windows 8 until I installed a new modem from Comcast. (Also interestingly my computer is much slo...

suzy by Apprentice
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Creative Auto

When I take a photo in Creaive Auto (RAW) and then review the settings, copy the settings in Manual and take exact same photo, it does not look the same.         In fact, it looks better in Creative Auto!   However, I want to shoot in Manual!    What...

catz by Contributor
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my printer have yellow vertical lines. I have cleaned the machine and the lines are still there

Resolved! Airline difficulties?

My wife and I are flying Southwest Airlines to Las Vegas next week. I'd like to take my Rebel T5 kit with me, but wonder if I should leave some of it home. Are there any parts of my gear that TSA won't like?Contents: EOS Rebel T5 body w/strap18-55 mm...

Best way to add people to pics & make it look real?

I've been experimenting with adding people to pics that they were not oroginally in. I've tried all of the usual stuff to do that but they always look "photoshopped" in. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to suggest to help me make the pics look (mo...

JohnK821 by Contributor
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Canoscan 9000f error mesage

Trying to put an Canoscan 9000f on a new computer and I get the error message "USB 2.0 Won't work on USB 3.0"Lastest driver from Canon site installed.Any ideas?       Thanks, Edward

Resolved! Calibrating a CPL Filter Min/Max Positions

Okay, so you rotate a CPL filter to vary the amount of filtering. I've never seen one that's marked with designations showing where the rotation is for maximum and minimum filtering. I have found a crude, yet seemingly highly effective, way of positi...

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