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Canon B2B2E

Hi all, I have a Canon B2B2E account and I'm having issues logging in. When I login with my account. I'm not seeing my company header on the site, nor do I see any discounted prices. The last time I tried to get help from Canon, the rep told me to ca...

Resolved! Spam or Valid?

I have a YouTube channel and recieved attached email. See below. I was wondering that if this email is valid or not. Any ideas?  When I hit the reply button, it looks like I am replying to "" .Please, let me know. 


Did Someone Say Badges?

In addition to our new ranking scale, the Canon Community now offers another way to be recognized for your participation and achievement – badges!  Members can now earn badges for achieving milestones such as engaging with peers and providing valuabl...

ccanada by Community Manager
  • 7 replies

Need more sorting options in threads

I think there are some great features in the new interface, and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into refreshing it.  However, in threads I have an issue with how posts can be displayed.  When threads start to become longer and more complex...

Community Ranking - Refresh

We are excited to announce that we have refreshed our ranking scale within our community! Rankings are one way we recognize members (like you) who uniquely reflect participation and contributions, such as creating posts that provide solutions, engagi...

ccanada by Community Manager
  • 1 replies

What is up with the Take A Survey Pop Up?

My goodness.  The Canon survey pop up is out of control.  Say no, move to a different forum and is pops up again and again.  No Thanks, No Thanks, No Thanks.  Elusive.    Posted this message and boom, another one. KaPOW!  

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List of My Products disappeared

Hello!I have had an issue where all the products I have registered are no longer showing up - as well as all the Care Pak activations along with them. Searching the message boards shows that some people have had this issue in the past, but the only u...

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